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Ariston boiler flange assembly (heating elements, anode, gasket)

Ariston boiler flange assembly (heating elements, anode, gasket)

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Flange assembly (anode + heating elements + gasket) for dry heating elements for Ariston boiler (65118364) Heating elements power 2000W

Leg length 20 mm
Length 200 mm
Diameter 20 mm
Carving M6
Boiler gasket
Padding height 5 mm
Internal diameter 78 mm
Outer diameter 123 mm
Holes in the gasket 10 mm
Boiler flange
A place under the anode M6
Power 2000W (1000 + 1000W)
Fastening type 5 holes
The length of the tubes 415/418/450 mm
Diameter 125 mm
Characteristics of the TE
Vendor Thermowatt
Nominal voltage 230V
Form of heating element plus
Power 1000W
The diameter of the heater 12 mm
Length 400 mm
Type of TEN dry
Material of TEN Stainless Steel

Fits models

GORENJE, ELECTROLUX, AEG, FAGOR, Ariston BLU1 ECO 100V 1.8K PL DRY 3201458 Ariston BLU1 ECO 50 V 1.8K PL DRY 3201456 Ariston BLU1 ECO 80V 1.8K PL DRY 3201457 Ariston PRO1 ECO 100V 1.8K PL DRY 3201856 Ariston PRO1 ECO 50 V 1.8KPL DRY 3201854 Ariston PRO1 ECO 80V 1.8K PL DRY 3201855 Ariston VLS EVO DRY 50 EU 3626264

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