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Bosch oven heating mode switch T125 (8 positions)

Bosch oven heating mode switch T125 (8 positions)

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Oven mode switch T125 for Siemens, Bosch ovens (12023923)
Manufacturer: Bosch
Type of spare part: switch
To switch: oven modes
Number of heating modes: 8
Purpose: for oven (oven)

Compatible with models

Bosch HBF113BA0Q/01 Bosch HBF113BA0Q/02 Bosch HBF113BA0Q/03 Bosch HBF113BA0Q/04 Bosch HBF113BA0Q/05 Bosch HBF113BA0Q/07 Bosch HBF113BR0M/02 Bosch HBF113BR0M/03 Bosch HBF113BR0M /04 Bosch HBF113BR0M/06 Bosch HBF113BR0Q/02 Bosch HBF113BR0Q/03 Bosch HBF113BR0Q /04 Bosch HBF113BR0Q/05 Bosch HBF113BR0Q/07 Bosch HBF113BV0Q/06 Bosch HBF533EM0Q/01 Bosch HBF533EM0Q/02 Bosch HBF533EM0Q/04 Bosch HKQ38A120Q/05 Bosch HKQ38A120Q/06 Bosch 38A120Q/11 Bosch HKQ38A150M/02 Bosch HKQ38A150M/03 Bosch HKQ38A150M/04 Bosch HKQ38A150M/05 Bosch HKQ38A150M/06 Bosch HKQ38A150M/07 Bosch HKQ38A150M/08 Bosch HKQ38A150M/09 Bosch HKQ38A150M/11 Bosch HKQ38A150M/12 Bosch HKQ38A150M/13 Bosch H KQ38A150M/14 Bosch HKQ38A150M/15 Bosch HKQ38A150M/16

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