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Auto diesel engines compressometer KD-09 for (with attachments)

Auto diesel engines compressometer KD-09 for (with attachments)

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A compression meter with a flexible high-pressure hose 27 cm long with an M12x1.25 thread allows you to quickly and accurately measure compression in diesel (petrol) engine cylinders with different types of glow plugs (4 nozzles included).
The maximum measured pressure is 4 MPa (40 kg/cm2).
The device is equipped with adapters for glow plugs with threads:
M12x1; M12x1.25; M10x1; M10x1.25.
The kit also includes an adapter for a spark plug for gasoline engines M14x1.25

The device is designed to measure and compare the amount of excess pressure (compression) in diesel engines

Using the device for:

Condition of the cylinder-piston group
Valve mechanism and camshaft
Cylinder heads
Cylinder head gaskets.

The device is a complex technological product, which, taking into account the requirements of operating rules, will ensure long-term high-quality operation. Changes may be made to the design of this device to improve reliability, quality and ease of use.

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