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Bosch blender motor 12035538 800W MQ150 PT3040230-5104

Bosch blender motor 12035538 800W MQ150 PT3040230-5104

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Bosch 12035538 ​​Motor 800W MQ150 PT3040230-5104 for blender | Manufacturer code: 12035538
Power: 800W

Compatibility list:

Bosch MS84CB6110/01 Bosch MS8CM6110/01 Bosch MS8CM6120/01 Bosch MS8CM6130/01 Bosch MS8CM6160/01 Bosch MS8CM6160G/01 Bosch MS8CM6190/01 Bosch MS8CM61V1/01 Bosch MS8CM61V5/01 Bosch MS8CM61X1/01 Bosch MS8CM61X1/02 Bosch MSM87110/01 Bosch MSM87130/01 Bosch MSM87140/01 Bosch MSM87145/01 Bosch MSM87146/01 Bosch MSM87160/01 Bosch MSM87165/01 Bosch MSM87180/01 Bosch MSM88110/01 Bosch MSM88130/01 Bosch MSM88160/01 Bosch MSM88160GB/01 Bosch MSM88166/01 Bosch MSM881664/01 Bosch MSM88190/01 Bosch MSM88195AU/01 Bosch MSM881X1/01 Bosch MSM881X1/02 Bosch MSM881X2/01 Bosch MSM89110/01 Bosch MSM89160/01 Bosch MSMM7310CN/01 Bosch MSMM8910CN/01

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