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Bosch blender whisk gearbox black (00624860)

Bosch blender whisk gearbox black (00624860)

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Whisk gearbox for blender Zelmer, Siemens, Bosch (00624860)
Manufacturer: Bosch
Contents: without whisk
Black color

Compatibility list

Bosch MS61B6150/02 Bosch MS61B6170/01 Bosch MS61B6170/02 Bosch MS62B6190/01 ​​Bosch MS62B6190/02 Bosch MS62B6190G/01 Bosch MS62B6190G/02 Bosch MS64M6170/01 Bosch MS6CB61V5/01 Bosch MS6CB6 1V5/02 Bosch MS6CB61V5G/01 Bosch MS6CB61V5G/02 Bosch MS6CM4150 /01 Bosch MS6CM4160/01 Bosch MS6CM4190/01 ​​Bosch MS6CM6155/01 Bosch MS6CM6166/01 Bosch MSM67150B/01 Bosch MSM67150RU/01 Bosch MSM67150RU/02 Bosch MSM67160/01 Bosch MSM67160/02 Bosch MSM67160AU /01 Bosch MSM67160GB/01 Bosch MSM67160GB/02 Bosch MSM67160IN/01 Bosch MSM67160RU/01 Bosch MSM67165RU/01 Bosch MSM67165RU/02 Bosch MSM67166/01 Bosch MSM67166/02 Bosch MSM67170/01 Bosch MSM67170/02 Bosch MSM67170B/01 Bosch MSM67170KR /01 Bosch MSM67190/01 ​​Bosch MSM67190GB/01 Bosch MSM67190IN /01 Bosch MSM671X1/01 Bosch MSM671X1/02 Bosch MSM6S50B/01 Bosch MSM6S50BGB/01 Bosch MSM6S55B/01 Bosch MSM6S55BGB/01 Bosch MSM6S55BTW/01 Bosch MSM6S70B/01 Bosch MSM6S90B/01 Bosch MSM6S90BGB /01

Zelmer ZHB1604B/01(ZHB1004P) Zelmer ZHB1605B/01(ZHB1004P) Zelmer ZHB1620B/01(ZHB1004P) Zelmer ZHB1630B/01(ZHB1004P)

Siemens MQ67170/01 Siemens MQ67170/02 Siemens MQ67170GB/01

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