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Bosch refrigerator door handle L360

Bosch refrigerator door handle L360

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Bosch refrigerator top / bottom door handle 00498031. Length 360 mm

Compatibility list

Bosch KGS43122/01 Bosch KGS43122/02 Bosch KGS43122/03 Bosch KGS43122FF/01 Bosch KGS43122FF/02 Bosch KGS43122FF/03 Bosch KGS43123/01 Bosch KGS43123/02 Bosch KGS43123/04 Bosch KGS43123FF/01 Bosch KGS43123FF/02 Bosch KGS46122/01 Bosch KGS46122/02 Bosch KGS46122/03 Bosch KGS46122FF/01 Bosch KGS46122FF/02 Bosch KGS46122FF/03 Bosch KGS46123/01 Bosch KGS46123/02 Bosch KGS46123/04 Bosch KGS46123/05 Bosch KGS46123FF/01 Bosch KGS46123FF/02 Bosch KGU40620NE/02 Bosch KGU40620NE/03 Bosch KGU40620NE/04 Bosch KSG4200NE/08 Bosch KSG4200NE/09 Bosch KSG42600NE/01 Bosch KSG42600NE/02 Bosch KSG42600NE/03 Bosch KSG42600NE/04 Bosch KSG42600NE/05 Bosch KSG42600NE/06 Bosch KSG42600NE/07 Bosch KSG42V20NE/01 Bosch KSG46V20NE/01 Bosch KSU36122GR/01 Bosch KSU36620NE/20 Bosch KSU36621/05 Bosch KSU36621/08 Bosch KSU36622/01 Bosch KSU36622/02 Bosch KSU36622/03 Bosch KSU36622/04 Bosch KSU36622/05 Bosch KSU36622/07 Bosch KSU36622/08 Bosch KSU36623/01 Bosch KSU36623/02 Bosch KSU36623/03 Bosch KSU36623/04 Bosch KSU36623/05 Bosch KSU36623/06 Bosch KSU36623/07 Bosch KSU36623/08 Bosch KSU36623/09 Bosch KSU36623/10 Bosch KSU36640/07 Bosch KSU40122GR/01 Bosch KSU40620/15 Bosch KSU40620FF/08 Bosch KSU40620NE/16 Bosch KSU40620NE/17 Bosch KSU40620NE/18 Bosch KSU40620NE/19 Bosch KSU40620SA/14 Bosch KSU40620SA/16 Bosch KSU40621/04 Bosch KSU40621/05 Bosch KSU40621/07 Bosch KSU40621FF/01 Bosch KSU40621FF/03 Bosch KSU40621FF/04 Bosch KSU40621FF/06 Bosch KSU40621FF/07 Bosch KSU40621FF/08 Bosch KSU40622/02 Bosch KSU40622/03 Bosch KSU40622/04 Bosch KSU40622/05 Bosch KSU40622/06 Bosch KSU40623/01 Bosch KSU40623/02 Bosch KSU40623/03 Bosch KSU40623/04 Bosch KSU40623/05 Bosch KSU40623/06 Bosch KSU40623/08 Bosch KSU40623/09 Bosch KSU40623/10 Bosch KSU44620NE/16 Bosch KSU44620NE/18 Bosch KSU44620NE/19 Bosch KSU45620ME/02 Bosch KSU45621AU/01 Bosch KSU45621AU/02 Bosch KSU45621ME/04 Bosch KSU45621ME/06 Bosch KSU45621ME/09 Bosch KSU45621ME/16 Bosch KSU49120GR/01 Bosch KSU49600NE/01 Bosch KSU49600NE/02 Bosch KSU49600NE/03 Bosch KSU49600NE/04 Bosch KSU49600NE/05 Bosch KSU49600NE/06 Bosch KSU49600NE/07 Bosch KSU49620/01 Bosch KSU49620/02 Bosch KSU49620/04 Bosch KSU49620/05 Bosch KSU49620/06 Bosch KSU49620/07 Bosch KSU49620/09 Bosch KSU49620/10 Bosch KSU49620/11 Bosch KSU49620ME/01 Bosch KSU49621AU/02 Bosch KSU49621AU/03 Bosch KSU49621ME/14 Bosch KSU49621ME/15 Bosch KSU49621ME/16 Bosch KSU49621NE/02 Bosch KSU49621NE/03 Bosch KSU49621NE/04 Bosch KSU49621NE/05 Bosch KSU49621NE/06 Bosch KSU49621NE/07 Bosch KSU49621NE/08 Bosch KSU49621NE/09 Bosch KSU49621NE/10 Bosch KSU49621NE/11 Bosch KSU49621NE/12 Bosch KSU49621NE/13 Bosch KSU49621NE/14 Bosch KSU49621NE/15 Bosch KSU49621NE/16 Bosch KSU49622NE/01 Bosch KSU49622NE/02 Bosch KSV39122GR/01 Bosch KSV39123GR/01 Bosch KSV39602ME/02 Bosch KSV39602NE/01 Bosch KSV39602NE/02 Bosch KSV39602NE/03 Bosch KSV39602NE/04 Bosch KSV39602NE/05 Bosch KSV39602NE/06 Bosch KSV39610FF/02 Bosch KSV39610FF/03 Bosch KSV39610ME/03 Bosch KSV39610ME/04 Bosch KSV39610ME/05 Bosch KSV39610ME/07 Bosch KSV39610ME/08 Bosch KSV39610NE/01 Bosch KSV39610NE/02 Bosch KSV39610NE/03 Bosch KSV39610NE/04 Bosch KSV39610NE/05 Bosch KSV39610NE/06 Bosch KSV39610NE/07 Bosch KSV39611NE/01 Bosch KSV39611NE/02 Bosch KSV39621/08 Bosch KSV39621/10 Bosch KSV39621FF/06 Bosch KSV39621FF/07 Bosch KSV39622/01 Bosch KSV39622/02 Bosch KSV39622/04 Bosch KSV39622/05 Bosch KSV39622/06 Bosch KSV39622FF/01 Bosch KSV39622FF/02 Bosch KSV39622FF/04 Bosch KSV39622FF/06 Bosch KSV39623FF/01 Bosch KSV39623FF/02 Bosch KSV39623FF/03 Bosch KSV39623FF/05 Bosch KSV39623FF/06 Bosch KSV42120GR/02 Bosch KSV42121GR/01 Bosch KSV42122GR/01 Bosch KSV42123GR/01 Bosch KSV42602ME/02 Bosch KSV42602NE/01 Bosch KSV42602NE/02 Bosch KSV42602NE/03 Bosch KSV42602NE/04 Bosch KSV42602NE/05 Bosch KSV42602NE/06 Bosch KSV42610ME/03 Bosch KSV42610ME/07 Bosch KSV42610ME/09 Bosch KSV42610NE/01 Bosch KSV42610NE/02 Bosch KSV42610NE/03 Bosch KSV42610NE/04 Bosch KSV42610NE/05 Bosch KSV42610NE/06 Bosch KSV42610NE/07 Bosch KSV42610NE/08 Bosch KSV42610NE/09 Bosch KSV42611NE/01 Bosch KSV42611NE/02 Bosch KSV42621/08 Bosch KSV42621FF/06 Bosch KSV42622/01 Bosch KSV42622/02 Bosch KSV42622/03 Bosch KSV42622/04 Bosch KSV42622/05 Bosch KSV42622/06 Bosch KSV42622/07 Bosch KSV42622/08 Bosch KSV42622FF/01 Bosch KSV42622FF/02 Bosch KSV42622FF/05 Bosch KSV42622FF/07 Bosch KSV42622FF/08 Bosch KSV42622NE/01 Bosch KSV42622NE/02 Bosch KSV42622NE/03 Bosch KSV42622NE/04 Bosch KSV42622NE/05 Bosch KSV42622NE/06 Bosch KSV42622NE/07 Bosch KSV42623FF/02 Bosch KSV42623FF/03 Bosch KSV42623FF/04 Bosch KSV42623FF/05 Bosch KSV42623FF/06 Bosch KSV44601NE/06 cooler Bosch KSV44601NE/07 cooler Bosch KSV44601NE/08 cooler Bosch KSV44602NE/01 cooler Bosch KSV44602NE/02 cooler Bosch KSV44602NE/03 cooler Bosch KSV44602NE/05 cooler Bosch KSV52602ME/02 Bosch KSV52620NE/03 Bosch KSV52620NE/04 Bosch KSV52620NE/05

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