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Bosch, Siemens Meat grinder gear assembly 00152314 622182 00177498 d68 t50

Bosch, Siemens Meat grinder gear assembly 00152314 622182 00177498 d68 t50

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Gear unit with shaft for repair meat grinder Bosch, Siemens 00152314 / 00622182 / 00177498.

  • Large gear circle diameter: 68 mm
  • Small circle diameter: 31 (32) mm
  • Overall height: 24.5 mm
  • Large circle height: 10 mm
  • Number of teeth (large circle): 50 (oblique)
  • Number of teeth (small circle): 16 (straight)
  • Shaft length: 47.2 mm
  • Shaft diameter: 14mm/20.5mm

Compatibility list

Bosch MFW1501/01 MFW1501/02 MFW1501/03 MFW1501/04 MFW1501/05 MFW1501/06 MFW1501/07 MFW1501/08 MFW1501COE/05 MFW1501COE/06 MFW1507/03 MFW1507/04 MFW1507/05 MFW1511/03 MFW1511/04 MFW1511/05 MFW1545/01 MFW1545/02 MFW1545/03 MFW1545/04 MFW1545/05 MFW1545/06 MFW1545/07 MFW1550/01 MFW1550/02 MFW1550/03 MFW1550/04 MFW1550/05 MFW1550/06 MFW1550/07 MFW1550COE/03 MFW1550COE/04 MFW1550ME/02 MFW1550ME/03 MFW1550ME/04 MUM4400/02 MUM4400/03 MUM4400/04 MUM4400/05 MUM4400/06 MUM4400CH/03 MUM4400CH/04 MUM4400CH/05 MUM4400EU/02 MUM4400EU/03 MUM4400EU/04 MUM4400EU/05 MUM4400RK/04 MUM4400RK/05 MUM4404/01 MUM4404/02 MUM4404/03 MUM4405/01 MUM4405/02 MUM4405/03 MUM4405/04 MUM4405/05 MUM4405CH/01 MUM4405CH/02 MUM4405CH/03 MUM4405EU/01 MUM4405EU/02 MUM4405EU/03 MUM4405JP/02 MUM4405UC/01 MUM4405UC/02 MUM4405UC/03 MUM4405UC/04 MUM4406/02 MUM4406/03 MUM4406/04 MUM4406/05 MUM4406/07 MUM4407/05 MUM4408/02 MUM4408/03 MUM4409/05 MUM4410DE/05 MUM4410DE/07 MUM4415JP/01 MUM4415TW/01 MUM4419/01 MUM4419/02 MUM4419/03 MUM4420/02 MUM4420UC/01 MUM4420UC/02 MUM4420UC/03 MUM4421/02 MUM4421/03 MUM4422UC/01 MUM4422UC/02 MUM4422UC/03 MUM4426/01 MUM4426/02 MUM4426/03 MUM4426/04 MUM4426/05 MUM4426/07 MUM4427/03 MUM4427/04 MUM4427/05 MUM4427/06 MUM4427/07 MUM4428/06 MUM4428/07 MUM4430/02 MUM4430/03 MUM4435JP/02 MUM4440/02 MUM4440EU/02 MUM4450/02 MUM4450EU/02 MUM4450EU/03 MUM4485/05 MUM4486/01 MUM4486/02 MUM4486/03 MUM44K1/03 MUM44R1/05 MUM4500/02 MUM4500/03 MUM4500/04 MUM4500/05 MUM4500/06 MUM4500CH/02 MUM4500CH/03 MUM4500CH/04 MUM4500CH/05 MUM4500CH/06 MUM4500EU/02 MUM4500EU/03 MUM4500EU/04 MUM4500EU/05 MUM4500EU/06 MUM4505/01 MUM4505/03 MUM4505/04 MUM4505/05 MUM4505/06 MUM4505EU/01 MUM4505EU/03 MUM4505EU/04 MUM4505UC/04 MUM4523/02 MUM4523/03 MUM4525/01 MUM4525/03 MUM4555/01 MUM4555/03 MUM4555/04 MUM4555/05 MUM4555/06 MUM4555EU/01 MUM4555EU/03 MUM4555EU/04 MUM4555EU/05 MUM4555EU/06 MUM4565/03 MUM4570/02 MUM4570/03 MUM4570/04 MUM4570/05 MUM4570/06 MUM4570EU/02 MUM4570EU/03 MUM4570EU/04 MUM4570EU/05 MUM4570EU/06 MUM4585SU/01 MUM4585SU/03 MUM4585SU/04 MUM4590CH/02 MUM4590CH/03 MUM4590CH/04 MUM4590CH/05 MUM4590CH/06 MUM4600/01 MUM4600/02 MUM4600/03 MUM4600/04 MUM4600/05 MUM4600EU/01 MUM4600EU/02 MUM4600EU/03 MUM4600GB/01 MUM4600GB/02 MUM4600GB/03 MUM4600UC/01 MUM4600UC/02 MUM4600UC/03 MUM4607/01 MUM4607/02 MUM4607/03 MUM4612/01 MUM4620UC/01 MUM4620UC/02 MUM4620UC/03 MUM4622UC/01 MUM4622UC/02 MUM4622UC/03 MUM4625/01 MUM4625/02 MUM4625/03 MUM4625/04 MUM4625/05 MUM4630/03 MUM4635UC/01 MUM4635UC/02 MUM4635UC/03 MUM4640/03 MUM4640/04 MUM4640/05 MUM4650/03 MUM4650/04 MUM4650/05 MUM4655/01 MUM4655/02 MUM4655/03 MUM4655EU/01 MUM4655EU/02 MUM4655EU/03 MUM4655EU/04 MUM4655EU/05 MUM4655EU/07 MUM4655GB/01 MUM4655GB/02 MUM4655GB/03 MUM4655IL/01 MUM4655IL/02 MUM4655IL/03 MUM4656COE/03 MUM4657/03 MUM4657/04 MUM4657/05 MUM4657/07 MUM4675EU/01 MUM4675EU/02 MUM4675EU/03 MUM4675EU/04 MUM4675EU/05 MUM46A1GB/04 MUM46A1GB/05 MUM46A1GB/07 MUM46CR1/03 MUM46CR1/04 MUM46CR1/05 MUM46CR2/03 MUM46CR2/04 MUM46CR2/05 MUM46R1/03 MUM46R1/04 MUM46R1/05 MUM46ZA/02 MUM46ZA/03 MUM4700/01 MUM4700/02 MUM4700/03 MUM4700/04 MUM4700/05 MUM4700CH/01 MUM4700CH/02 MUM4700CH/03 MUM4700CH/04 MUM4700CH/05 MUM4700EU/01 MUM4700EU/02 MUM4700EU/03 MUM4700EU/04 MUM4700EU/05 MUM4701/01 MUM4701/03 MUM4701/04 MUM4701/05 MUM4750/01 MUM4750/02 MUM4750/03 MUM4750EU/01 MUM4750EU/02 MUM4750EU/03 MUM4750EU/04 MUM4750EU/05 MUM4750UC/01 MUM4750UC/02 MUM4750UC/03 MUM4756EU/02 MUM4756EU/03 MUM4756EU/04 MUM4756EU/05 MUM4756EU/06 MUM4756EU/07 MUM4757COE/05 MUM4770/01 MUM4770/02 MUM4770/03 MUM4770/04 MUM4770/05 MUM4770EU/01 MUM4770EU/02 MUM4770EU/03 MUM4770EU/04 MUM4770EU/05 MUM4780/05 MUM4780/06 MUM4780/07 MUM47A1/03 MUM47A1/04 MUM47A1/05 MUM47Z1/05 MUM48010DE/05 MUM48010DE/07 MUM48020DE/05 MUM48020DE/07 MUM4807GB/05 MUM48120DE/05 MUM48120DE/07 MUM48140DE/05 MUM48140DE/07 MUM4825/05 MUM4825/07 MUM4830/05 MUM4830/07 MUM4832/05 MUM4835/05 MUM4835/07 MUM4855/05 MUM4855/07 MUM4856EU/05 MUM4856EU/07 MUM4875EU/05 MUM4875EU/07 MUM4880/05 MUM4880/07 MUM48A06/07 MUM48A1/05 MUM48A1/07 MUM48A11/05 MUM48CR1/05 MUM48CR1/07 MUM48CR2/05 MUM48R1/05 MUM48R1/07 MUM48R1GB/05 MUM48R1GB/07 MUM48RE/05 MUM48SL/05 MUM48W1/05 MUM48W1/07 MUM48W11/07 MUM50112/03 MUM50112/04 MUM50123/03 MUM50123/04 MUM50136/03 MUM50136/04 MUM50145/03 MUM50145/04 MUM50149/03 MUM50149/04 MUM50E32DE/03 MUM50E32DE/04 MUM51U10UC/01 MUM52110/01 MUM52110/02 MUM52110/03 MUM52120/01 MUM52120/02 MUM52120/03 MUM52120/04 MUM52120AU/02 MUM52120AU/03 MUM52120GB/02 MUM52120GB/03 MUM52130/03 MUM52131/02 MUM52131/03 MUM52133/02 MUM52133/03 MUM52E32/02 MUM52E32/03 MUM53143/02 MUM53143/03 MUM54020/02 MUM54211/02 MUM54211/04 MUM54230/01 MUM54230/02 MUM54230/04 MUM54230AU/01 MUM54230AU/02 MUM54240/01 MUM54240/02 MUM54251/01 MUM54251/02 MUM54251/04 MUM54270DE/02 MUM54270DE/04 MUM54420/01 MUM54420/02 MUM54520/01 MUM54520/02 MUM54530AU/01 MUM54530AU/02 MUM54620/01 MUM54620/02 MUM54630AU/01 MUM54630AU/02 MUM54720/02 MUM54920/02 MUM54920GB/02 MUM54920GB/04 MUM54A00/02 MUM54A00/03 MUM54A00/04 MUM54D00/02 MUM54D00/04 MUM54D00GB/02 MUM54D00GB/04 MUM54G00/02 MUM54G00/04 MUM54I00/02 MUM54I00/04 MUM54P00/02 MUM54P00/04 MUM54Q40/01 MUM54Q40/02 MUM54R00/02 MUM54R00/04 MUM54W41/01 MUM54W41/02 MUM54Y00/02 MUM54Y00/04 MUM55761/02 MUM55761/04 MUM56320CH/01 MUM56320CH/02 MUM56320CH/04 MUM56340/01 MUM56340/02 MUM56340/04 MUM56340AU/01 MUM56340AU/02 MUM56740/02 MUM56740/04 MUM56S40/01 MUM56S40/02 MUM56S40/04 MUM56Z40/02 MUM56Z40/04 MUM57810/01 MUM57810/02 MUM57830/01 MUM57830/02 MUM57830GB/01 MUM57830GB/02 MUM57860/01 MUM57860/02 MUM57860AU/02 MUM57B22/02 MUM57B224/02 MUM58020/02 MUM58200GB/02 MUM58200GB/04 MUM58224/02 MUM58224/04 MUM58225/02 MUM58225/04 MUM58231/02 MUM58231/04 MUM58234/02 MUM58234/04 MUM58235/02 MUM58235/04 MUM58243/02 MUM58243/04 MUM58244/02 MUM58244/04 MUM58250/02 MUM58250/04 MUM58252RU/02 MUM58252RU/04 MUM58253/02 MUM58253/04 MUM58257/02 MUM58257/04 MUM58258/02 MUM58258/04 MUM58420/02 MUM58720/02 MUM58720GB/02 MUM58920/02 MUM58B00/02 MUM58K20/02 MUM58K20/04 MUM58L20/02 MUM58L20/04 MUM58W56DE/02 MUM58W56DE/04 MUM59340GB/02 MUM59340GB/04 MUM59343/02 MUM59343/04 MUM59363/02 MUM59363/04 MUM59M54/02 MUM59M55/02 MUM59N26DE/02 MUM59N37DE/02 MUM59S81DE/02 MUM59S81DE/04 MUMP1000/05 MUMVC00VCN/02 MUMVC204CN/02 MUMVC20QCN/02 MUMVC20RCN/02 MUMVH48BCN/02 MUMVS00RCN/04  Siemens MF15500TR/05 Siemens MF15500TR/06  Siemens MK443046/02 Siemens MK445046/02

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