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Bosch vacuum cleaner motor SKL VAC049UN D134/97 H23/117mm 1600W

Bosch vacuum cleaner motor SKL VAC049UN D134/97 H23/117mm 1600W

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Vacuum cleaner motor SKL VAC049UN for replacement in models Siemens, Bosch, Constructa. Total height 127 (without bearing 117) mm, diameter 135 mm
Power 1600W
Overall height 127 mm
Impeller diameter 134/ 137 mm
Impeller height (widest part) 23mm
Turbine bore diameter 43mm
Protrusion on the turbine

6 mm

Compatibility list

Siemens Bosch  BGS61430/01 BGS61430/02 BGS61430/03 BGS61430/04 BGS61430CH/02 BGS61430CH/03 BGS61430CH/04 BGS61431/02 BGS61431/03 BGS61431/04 BGS61438/02 BGS61438/03 BGS61438/04 BGS614M1/01 BGS614M1/02 BGS614M1/03 BGS614M1/04 BGS6SIL1/01 BGS6SIL1AU/01 BSA2200/05 BSA2202/05 BSA2213/05 BSA2250CH/05 BSA2290/05 BSA2292/05 BSA2311/05 BSA2312/05 BSA2313/05 BSA2410/05 BSA2453/05 BSA2453/06 BSA2453/09 BSA2454/05 BSA2500/05 BSA2501/05 BSA2502GB/05 BSA2595/05 BSA2600/05 BSA2601/05 BSA2602/05 BSA2602/06 BSA2680/09 BSA2695/05 BSA2710/05 BSA2733/05 BSA2733/06 BSA2791/05 BSA2796/05 BSA2800/05 BSA2800GB/05 BSA2800IL/05 BSA2800RU/09 BSA2801/06 BSA2801/10 BSA2810/05 BSA2810/06 BSA2822/05 BSA2822/06 BSA2822CH/05 BSA2822CH/06 BSA2822CH/09 BSA2822GB/05 BSA2823/05 BSA2823/06 BSA2825GB/05 BSA2833/05 BSA2834/05 BSA2835/05 BSA2835/06 BSA2877/05 BSA2877/06 BSA2877/09 BSA2880/05 BSA2880GB/05 BSA2880GB/06 BSA2880GB/09 BSA2882/06 BSA2882/08 BSA2882/09 BSA2885/05 BSA2885/06 BSA2893/05 BSA3280GB/09 BSB2884/09 BSB2982/09 BSD2202/05 BSD2202/06 BSD2311/05 BSD2311/06 BSD2312/05 BSD2312/06 BSD2313/05 BSD2313/06 BSD2322/05 BSD2322/06 BSD2501/05 BSD2501/06 BSD2501/07 BSD2600/05 BSD2600/06 BSD2600/07 BSD2601/05 BSD2601/06 BSD2601/07 BSD2700RU/06 BSD2710/05 BSD2710/06 BSD2800/05 BSD2800/06 BSD2800GB/05 BSD2800GB/06 BSD2800RU/06 BSD2802/06 BSD2805/06 BSD2810/05 BSD2810/06 BSD2820/06 BSD2820/09 BSD2822/06 BSD2833/06 BSD2880/06 BSD2880/08 BSD2880/09 BSD2883/06 BSD2883/08 BSD2883/09 BSD3080/09 BSG41700GB/05 BSG41700GB/06 BSG41800/05 BSG41800/06 BSG41880GB/05 BSG61600/01 BSG61600/03 BSG61600RU/01 BSG61600RU/03 BSG61601/04 BSG61663/03 BSG61666/03 BSG61666/04 BSG61666GB/03 BSG61700/01 BSG61700/03 BSG61700RU/01 BSG61700RU/03 BSG61700RU/04 BSG61740CH/01 BSG61740CH/03 BSG61800/01 BSG61800/03 BSG61800/04 BSG61800GB/03 BSG61800RU/01 BSG61800RU/03 BSG61800RU/04 BSG61800RU/12 BSG61801GB/04 BSG61810/04 BSG61822GB/02 BSG61822GB/03 BSG61830/01 BSG61830/02 BSG61830/03 BSG61831/01 BSG61831/02 BSG61831/03 BSG61832/02 BSG61832/03 BSG61832/04 BSG61833/04 BSG61840RU/01 BSG61840RU/03 BSG61870GB/02 BSG61870GB/03 BSG61877/03 BSG61877GB/02 BSG61877GB/03 BSG61880/01 BSG61880/03 BSG61880/04 BSG61885GB/01 BSG61885GB/03 BSG62004/07 BSG71466/07 BSG71466/14 BSG71636/11 BSG71666/07 BSG71666/14 BSG71666/17 BSG71668/07 BSG71800/01 BSG71800/03 BSG71800/04 BSG71800/07 BSG71800GB/04 BSG71800GB/07 BSG71801/01 BSG71801/03 BSG71801/04 BSG71810/01 BSG71810/03 BSG71810/04 BSG71810/07 BSG71810CH/01 BSG71810CH/03 BSG71810CH/04 BSG71810GB/01 BSG71810GB/03 BSG71810GB/04 BSG71810GB/07 BSG71810IL/01 BSG71810IL/03 BSG71810IL/04 BSG71825/01 BSG71825/03 BSG71825/04 BSG71825/07 BSG71825AU/01 BSG71825AU/03 BSG71825AU/04 BSG71825AU/07 BSG71825GB/01 BSG71825GB/03 BSG71825GB/04 BSG71826/01 BSG71826/03 BSG71826/04 BSG71826/07 BSG71830/01 BSG71830/03 BSG71830/04 BSG71830/07 BSG71830AU/01 BSG71830AU/03 BSG71830AU/04 BSG71830AU/07 BSG71835/01 BSG71835/03 BSG71835/04 BSG71835/07 BSG71840/01 BSG71840/02 BSG71840/03 BSG71840/04 BSG71840/05 BSG71840/07 BSG71842/04 BSG71842/07 BSG71842/10 BSG71842/16 BSG71866/01 BSG71866/03 BSG71866/04 BSG71866/07 BSG71866AU/01 BSG71866AU/03 BSG71866AU/04 BSG71866AU/07 BSG71877/07 BSG72070GB/07 BSGL31415/03 BSGL31425/03 BSGL31465/03 BSGL31466/03 BSGL31700/03 BSGL31800/03 BSGL3180GB/03 BSGL41666/01 BSGL41674/01

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