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Centrifugal self-priming pump Impeller d130*41*12

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Centrifugal self-priming surface pump high performance impeller suited for Karcher BPP 3000/4000, Watomo SILVER 100 CF, Forwater 100S, ELPUMPS, SILVER 100 CF, Ocean Jet 80, JV1000, JET100, xkj1104, JET 110ST, UNIPUMP AUTO JET 100L, GENERAL PUMP GP J-1300, Karcher BPP 3000/42 (1.645-289.0), BPP 4000/48 water pumping station. Outer diameters 130 * 41 (suction) * 12 (fit on the shaft with a key), height 4-6 (working cavity), 9-12 (blades), 13 (depth of the central brass sleeve) mm. Make sure the geometrical dimensions are correct before ordering