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Diesel engines compressometer PKK-04K 20cm up to 40 BAR

Diesel engines compressometer PKK-04K 20cm up to 40 BAR

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A compression tester with a 20 cm rod allows you to quickly and accurately measure compression in the cylinders of a diesel or gasoline engine in cars with a high compression ratio. The compression control device (compressometer) PK-04k based on a check valve is designed to measure excess pressure up to 40 Bar in the working cylinders of carburetor, injection and other engines with a high compression ratio. Work on measuring compression should be carried out together with an assistant or alone with a test trigger button. The battery must be fully charged. Warm up the engine to operating temperature. Remove the spark plugs (nozzles) from all engine cylinders. Insert the PKK with a rubber cone into the threaded hole of the spark plug (atomizer of the controlled cylinder and press to seal). Have an assistant crank the engine crankshaft using the starter (when using a test start button, attach the clamps to the terminals of the traction relay, hold the start button for 5-8 seconds and measure the compression) Attention! The throttle and air dampers must be fully open. Take the pressure gauge readings and record them. Reset the pressure gauge readings by pressing the check valve stem. To check the next cylinder, repeat the previous operations. For an approximate conversion of excess pressure values ​​into compression ratio values, use the table
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