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3SQGD submersible pump top reinforced flange

3SQGD submersible pump top reinforced flange

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Eternal upper reinforced stainless steel support flange of the submersible screw pump Vitals aqua 3DS 1027-0.5r, Sprut 3SQGD, Rudes 3S 0.8-30-0.37, Sprut 3S QGD 1-40-0.55, 3S QGD 1–65–0 ,75, Powercraft 3S 600-6030, Delfin, Chimp, Euroaqua, Lider, Volks 3QGD 1.5-72-0.37, 0.8-30-0.28, LUKON QGD 1.2-50-0.37 kW, Sprut 3S QGD 1-65-0.75 , Powercraft 3S 800-7030, diameters 39(internal) * 70(external) mm. Between threaded holes 56 mm. Stainless steel thickness 3 mm
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