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Einhell Bavaria BAS 18/2-1 HA screwdriver manual operation trigger switch RongDa FA03-16/1

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Einhell screwdriver manual operation trigger switch FA08A-12A / 1WEK-2 (FA021A-51X / 5E4 7.2~24V d.c. 16A) with metal radiator (capacity 12-16 Amperes), with integrated reverse module, compatible with drill-screwdriver Powertec PT 3183, Tekhmann, Vertex VR-1010N, Einhell Bavaria BAS 18 / 2-1 HA. Body housing size 17*39 mm, Button size 19*31, the distance between the upper edge of the reverse engaging pin and the lower edge of the case is 40 mm. Reverse lever length between axles centers ~ 10 mm