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Einhell, Odwerk, Grizzly chainsaw return torsion spring

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Recoil spring (torsion) 10 turns right, inner diameter 20 mm, length ~25 mm, fit to gear shaft chain saw Expert Garden YT4795, Einhell Gh-ec 2040, Odwerk BKE 4001, Craft- Tec, Klever YT4300, CROSSER, Grizzly EKS 2000/6 QT, Flora Best EKS 2200 D2, FORTE FES 24-40, Craft CKS-2250 , 2200, SPARKY TV 2240, 2245, TV 1835, Skil 0780 (F0150780RA), craftsmen are finishing this spring for installation on a Bosch saw. If after assembling the gearbox your spring "unwinds", then the gearbox is not assembled properly, and the spring slips instead of returning to its original position. This is due to wear on the shafts where it is put on