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Electric planer HITACHI, RYOBY, Craft-Men knives Set

Electric planer HITACHI, RYOBY, Craft-Men knives Set

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A set of knives for the BlaucRaft Beh 600, Storm, OMAX 21301, Zenit 3P-850 /950, ZRP-850 Pro, Rhythm RE-950, 1001, 1100.1125.1901, 1923B, 1600, HITACHI P20, F20A, F2050. , F20B, FF20, FU20, F-30A, PF-3,DL-802, RYOBY L-120N, L-22L, L-22LN, AL-80C, ML-84, L-80A, L-150N,L- 120SN,L-1512, L-100, L22L, L-22LN, ML-84, L-80A, L-1323A, AL-80C, TOSHIBA MP-82B, Meister Craft-Men 600 W, Craft CH 750P, TEMP RE -950, Defiant DPL-700, Craft-tec PXEP202 planers. Length (planing width) - 82 mm, width - 30 mm, thickness - 3 mm; Small holes - 3.5 mm, distance between small holes - 65 mm; large holes - 7x10 mm, distance between large holes - 34 mm
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