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7LA Gottak

Electrolux electric stove 7-mode switch 7LA Gottak 870801

Electrolux electric stove 7-mode switch 7LA Gottak 870801

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Seven-position mode selectro switch 7LA Gottak 870801 for replacement in Electrolux electric stove/ oven

Compatibility list

Hansa 10152.3 TSYDHBX, Hansa 112.3 TaYDW, Hansa 21CC2.30 YX, Hansa 22CC2.334TaSr, Hansa 4CEMPW-LUX, Hansa 4CEMTPX-LUX, Hansa 501ME2.35Zp (W), Hansa BCCB64195055, Hansa BCCI64035010, Hansa BCCI64135020, Hansa BCCI64136020, Hansa BCCI64195055, Hansa BCCI64596015, Hansa BCCI65135050, Hansa BCCI66136030, Hansa BCCI66136077, Hansa BCCI66139030, Hansa BCCW64004055, Hansa BCMI64590015, Hansa BOEB64130077, Hansa BOEB64190055, Hansa BOEI64000010, Hansa BOEI64000020, Hansa BOEI64010010, Hansa BOEI64010030, Hansa BOEI64030010, Hansa BOEI64030020, Hansa BOEI64030030, Hansa BOEI64030077, Hansa BOEI64130050, Hansa BOEI64190055, Hansa BOEI64290015, Hansa BOEI64290030, Hansa BOEI64590014, Hansa BOEI64590015, Hansa BOEW64010010, Hansa BOEW64090015, Hansa BOEW64190014, Hansa BOEW64190055, Hansa FCCI54136060, Hansa FCCI64136010, Hansa FCCI66304055, Hansa FCCW54136060, Hansa FCMW64036010, Hansa FCMW64039010.

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