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Energy Simmerstat Cooker Regulator RULE 50.55021.100

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EGO 50.57021.010 (RULE WK-R18) is energy regulator simmerstat controller function switch, suitable for frying or cooking surface

Simmerstats - also known as an energy regulator or infinite switch - are responsible for turning the heating elements on and off in hobs, grills, and various other cooking appliances. During the cooking period, the simmerstat tells the heating element to turn on and switch off at regular intervals. The length of those intervals is determined by the user - you simply turn the control knob that's hooked up to the simmerstat to determine how long you want each on period and each off period to last (and thus how much energy you want the heating element to use).

Suitable for:

Bosch HBN331HOB Hob BOSCH PKE611C140), 50.57021.010
for the boiler ME7-10BM, ME9-00BM, ME9-10BM, ME9-10BM316, ME9-10BMS, ME9-10PLUSBM, ME9-15BM, ME9-15BM316, ME9-15BMAD, ME9-15BMS, MPE9-00BM, MPE9-10BM, MPE9-10BMS, MPE9-15BM, MPE9-15BMS
EGO 50.57011.010 replacement
for convection ovens FEV166E FEV166M FEV166P FEV168E FEV168M FEV56M ALFA30V 50.57011.010 ALFA31V FEV107M FEV167E FEV167M FEV167P FEV57M Series 60 Series 65 Series 70 Series 650 Series 700 Series 110 Series 700 B-B909.CP400 P075756 CF CENEDESE S1 S2 SA-400 SA-600 CSE-045 CSE-048 CSE-050 CSE-053 CSE-060 CSE-065 CSE-070 CSE-078 TT6000 RST127