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Home refrigerator power protection device filter Barrier DA

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A digital protection device for the household refrigerator from voltage surges in the AC 220V network (euro-socket). Disconnects the refrigerator from the mains when the voltage goes beyond the upper and lower thresholds. After the voltage returns to normal, the refrigerator is connected to the network, after a delay. The thresholds and turn-on delay times are preset by the manufacturer and cannot be changed by the user. Operating mode indication - three-color LED. When the device is triggered by the lower limit - the indicator lights up in red, when triggered by the upper limit - yellow. When the mains voltage is normal, the indicator is green. The series is based on analog components from the world's leading manufacturers of radio components. The barrier contains a high-frequency impulse noise filter that protects the electronic components of the devices from breakdown.
Technical specifications:
Rated voltage of the network - 220V
Maximum mains voltage - 500V
Maximum load power - 2200W
The lower threshold of shutdown - 170V
The upper threshold of shutdown - 250V
Switch-off threshold hysteresis - 7V
Barrier power consumption - 8W
Response time at shutdown no more - 80ms
Turn-on delay time - 3min
Maximum load current - 10 A
Case dimensions - 105x85x60 mm
Filter parameters:
I (max) 8 / 20mkc - 4500 A
W (max) 2 mc - 75 J
P (max) - 0.6 W
C (typ) 1kHz - 460 pF