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Hydrofor JY-750/3TF, Einhell LE-HW pumping station diffuser h111 d163

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Pumping station replacement ejector (diffuser with venturi tube), compatible with many models like: Hydrofor JY-750 / 3TF, Einhell Hauswasserwerk LE-HW 1300 Niro, AQUAJET, Omhiaqua JET100, AUJS 80 / 24L, JET150, JV 1000 AUJS 110/24, Cristal GNP803B, Optima JET-100, 150S, JET 80, Omnigena JY-1000, Womar JSP-150 1.1, for 130 mm impeller, inner working diameter ~135 mm, outer diameter ~ 163 mm. Venturi tube input 29~30 mm, O-ring fit 26 mm. Impeller suction port space is ~42 mm