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JSW150 water pump Brass impeller ∅127*33*12 h35-17-6-3

JSW150 water pump Brass impeller ∅127*33*12 h35-17-6-3

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Brass impeller (like 164GRJCR10) ∅127 mm with suction port 34 mm, to rotor shaft 12 mm with key slot, for replacement in water pumping devices like Euroaqua JSW150 and other. Protrusion on the back side 10 mm. Total bushing depth (with key slot) 17 mm. Total height 35 mm. Blade height/ between blades 6/3 mm.

Suitable for any pump with the same impeller design, for instance Taifu JET 100, Werk JSW-8, Kenle, Optima JET80, JET150, Elpumps, Pedrollo JCR 10H, JCR 10M, JSW 10HX, JSWm 10MX, 2CX, 0.75-1kW, JSWm10MX, Sprut JSP255A-А05/015

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