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LG, Ardo washing machine drain pump EP 1A5N/ P25-1E (8 latches)

LG, Ardo washing machine drain pump EP 1A5N/ P25-1E (8 latches)

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Drain Pump with 8 fastening latches GRE2, EP 1A5N (P25-1E) 40W for repair Indesit, LG, Ardo washing machine, auto supplying cooling water etc. Connecting via two pin sockets. Suitable with any washing machine or another devices with same design

Compatibility list

Ardo A1000 Ardo A1000X Ardo A1004 Ardo A1010 Ardo A1200 Ardo A1200X Ardo A1400 Ardo A1400X Ardo A400 Ardo A400X Ardo A410 Ardo A500 Ardo A510 Ardo A600 Ardo A600X Ardo A610 Ardo A800 Ardo A800X Ardo A804 Ardo A810 Ardo A814 Ardo AE1000X Ardo AE1010 Ardo AE1200X Ardo AE800X Ardo AE810 Ardo AED1000 Ardo AED1000X Ardo AED1010 Ardo AED1200X Ardo AED800X Ardo AED810 Ardo ANNA1000X Ardo ANNA400 Ardo ANNA400X Ardo ANNA410 Ardo ANNA510 Ardo ANNA600 Ardo ANNA600X Ardo ANNA610 Ardo ANNA800X Ardo ANNA810 Ardo BASIC400 Ardo FL1000 Ardo FL105LX Ardo FL105SX Ardo FL85SX Ardo FLI120L Ardo FLI80S Ardo NEWBASIC400 Ardo NEWBASIC500

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