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LG, Rowenta, Vitek Vacuum cleaner motor HCX-PD25 h113*37*d130 1800W

LG, Rowenta, Vitek Vacuum cleaner motor HCX-PD25 h113*37*d130 1800W

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Motor HCX-PD25, HWXCG06, HWX-PG (N1) VCD080 1800W with a total height of 106~115, diffuser h37*d130 mm, for replace in LG, Rowenta, Vitek, Daewoo, EV-18 Mirta VCB 22, Mirta VCK 20D, Mirta VCK 20S, Rainford RVC-109 , Saturn ST 1279, Philips FC8348/01, LG VMC400E5 4681FI2451A, Domotec MS-3399 vacuum cleaner, power (not a critical parameter) 1800 W, without protruding suction lips. See drawings in images for critical dimensions

Compatibility list

LG V-CD381STM VC-4810HQ V-C5773STU VC-4818HQ V-C5772ST VC-4818SQ V-C5682HTM VC-4818SQ V-C5771ST VC-5716N V-C5773STU VC-5716SR V-CD381STM VC-5716SU V-C5772ST VC-6717S V-C7B81HTU VC-6718HU V-C5682HTM VC-6718SN V-C5771ST VC-6718SN V-C7B81HTU VK70607HU VC- 4810HQ VK71182RC VC-4818HQ VK71183RTR VC-4818SQ VK71184HC VC-4818SQ VK71185HU VC-5282STM VK71186HC VC-5681HT VK8828HQ VC-5716N VK89183H VC-5716SR VK89281R VC-5716SU VK89282R VC-6717S VK89283RU VC-6718HU VK89380 VK70601NU V-C5771ST.CVBQEAK V-C5682HTM.CDTQRUA V-C5773STU.CTVQEAK V-C5772ST.CXRQEAK V-C6501HTU.CBNQEAK V-C6501HTU.* V-C6502HT.CBTQEAK V-C6502HT.* V-CD381STM.CXRQEAK 788546 V-C7B81HTU.CBTQEAK VC4810HQ.CBTQBWT 788400 VC3720HUN.CBHQBWT VC4818SQ.CWHQRUA 786500 VC4818HQ.CBHQRUA VC5716N.CBTQBWT 786200 VC4818SQ.CXRQBWT VC5716SU.CRNQBWT 786791 VC5716SR.CTVQBWT VC6718HU.CBHQBWT 786790 VC6717S.CDTQBWT VK70186R.CZCQCIS 786203 VC6718SN.CXRQBWT  Rowenta RO125601/900 786205 VK71185HU.CRNQCIS  Rowenta RO664311/410 789602 Rowenta RO664301/410  Rowenta RO666711/410 789500 Rowenta RO6643R1/410  Rowenta RO667911/410 789036 Rowenta RO667901/410  Vitek VT-1836 788500 Rowenta RO6679R1/410

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