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Makita Angle grinder trigger switch 651947-7 1247.0302

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The original on / off switch Makita 1247.0302 [651947-7] 10A ~ 250V for grinder (angle grinder) Makita 9554HN, 9554HN, 9554NB, 9554NB, 9555HN, 9555NB, 9557HN, 9557NB, 9558HN, 9558NB, 9558PB, GA4530, GA5030, GD0600, GD0601, GD0602, 9526PB Grinder, 9527PB Grinder, 9528PB Grinder, 9526PBH Angle Grinder, 9527PBK (Type 1) Grinder, 9527PBK (Type 2) Grinder, 9527PBK (Type 3) Grinder, 9527PB (Type 1) Grinder, 9527PB (Type 2) Grinder, 9527PB (Type 3) Grinder, 9528PB (Type 1) Grinder, 9528PB (Type 2) Grinder 9528PB (Type 3) Grinder has two guides on the sides of the plastic case, equipped with mounting screws for connecting power and terminals for mounting the stator and capacitor, 6 pins, dust protection in the form silicone pad on the key