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Miele dryer motor Collector brushes 4490382

Miele dryer motor Collector brushes 4490382

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Electric motor brushes (2 pcs.) 4490382 for repair Miele tumble dryer

Compatibility list

Miele T1515 T 1515 T1520 T 1520 T1520I T 1520 i T1526 T 1526 T1565C T 1565 C T1570C T 1570 C T1570CI T 1570 Ci T1576 T 1576 T401 T 401 T410 EuroStar T410 Jubileu T410 Marin 60 Hz T410 Meteor 600 T410 Meteor A T410 Sommerwind T410 T 410 T410 T 410 Special T410 TopModel T411G T 411 G T420C EuroStar T420C Jubileu C T420C Meteor 620 T420C Meteor C T420C Sommerwind C T420C Special C T420C T 400-20 C T420C T 420 C T420C T40020C T430 Eco-Plus A T430 ECOPLUSA T430 Esprit T430 Exquisit 400 A T430 Meteor 630 T430 Mondia 130 T430 Monsun S T430 Superior A T430 T 400-30 T430 T 430 T430 T40030 T430 TA 75 T432 Duet A T432 Duett A T432 Meteor 632 T432 Meteor T 4300 T432 NovoDuo A T432 Sommerfrische A T432 Sommerwind A T432 T 432 T436 T 436 T440C Econic C T440C Eco-Plus C T440C ECOPLUSC T440C EuroStar T440C Exclusive T440C Exquisit 400 K T440C Meteor 640 C T440C Mondia 240 T440C Power C T440C Senator C T440C Special Comfort T440C Superior K T440C T 400-40 C T440C T 440 C T440C T 4450 C Expert T440C T40040C T440C TC 75 T442C Duet C T442C Duett C T442C Meteor 642 C T442C Meteor T 4400 C T442C NovoDuo C T442C Sommerfrische C T442C Sommerwind C T442C T 442 C T442C T 4460 C Expert T446C T 446 C T478G T 478 G T480 Anniversary T480 Aurin T480 Gala T480 Novo Star T480 Oceanis T480 Sirocco A 2000 T480 T 480 T480 T 480 Special II T484C Anniversary C T484C Gala K T484C Oceanis C T484C Sirocco C 2000 T484C T 400-84 C CH T484C T 484 C T484C T 484 Special II C T484C T40084CCH T490 Brillant TA T490 Da Capo A T490 Exquisit 450 A T490 Meteor 690 T490 Mondia 190 T490 Novo Atlantis T490 Superior TA T490 T 400-90 CH T490 T 490 T490 T40090CH T491 Azora T491 Gala A T491 Gala T 491 T491 Sirocco T491 T 4800 Meteor T491 T 491 T494C Brillant TC T494C Da Capo C T494C Econic TC T494C EuroStar T494C Exclusive T494C Exquisit 450 K T494C Jubileum T494C Meteor 694 C T494C Mondia 194 T494C Novo Atlantis C T494C Senator CT T494C Superior TK T494C T 400-94 C CH T494C T 494 C T494C T40094CCH T495C Azora C T495C Gala C T495C Gala T 495 C T495C Sirocco C T495C T 4195 C T495C T 4900 C Meteor T495C T 495 C T495C T 4960 C Expert T510 T 510 T515 Excellent 92 AT T515 Exquisit 500 A T515 Meteor 1070 T515 Mondia 150 T515 T 515 T520 Meteor 1190 T520 T 520 T5205 PT126 T5205 T 5205 T5205 T 5205 C T5206 PT131 T5206 T 5206 T5207 T 5207 T525 Meteor 1200 T525 Mondia 300 T525 Royal T525 T 500-25 T525 T 525 T525 T50025 T530 T 500-30 T530 T 530 T530 T50030 T535 Meteor 1500 T535 T 500-35 T535 T 535 T535 T50035 T536 T 536 T542 T 542 T547 T 500-47 T547 T 547 T547 T50047 T552C T 552 C T557C T 500-57 C T557C T 557 C T557C T50057C T560C T 560 C T562C T 562 C T565C Excellent 92 CT T565C Exquisit 500 K T565C Jubileum T565C Meteor 1170 C T565C Mondia 250 T565C Novo Prima C T565C Senator S T565C T 500-65 C T565C T 565 C T565C T50065C T570C Meteor 1240 C T570C T 570 C T575C Meteor 1250 C T575C Mondia 350 T575C Royal T575C T 500-75 C T575C T 575 C T575C T50075C T580C T 500-80 C T580C T 580 C T580C T50080C T580CI T 580 Ci T585C Meteor 1550 C T585C T 500-85 C T585C T 585 C T585C T50085C T586C T 586 C T640 T 640 T643 100 Anniversary A T643 Gold 2000 A T643 Mondia 243 T643 T 643 T644 T 644 T650C T 650 C T653C 100 Anniversary C T653C Gold 2000 C T653C Mondia 253 T653C T 653 C T654C T 654 C T659C T 659 C T665 T 600-65 T665 T 665 T669 T 600-69 CH T669 T 669 T675C T 600-75 C CH T675C T 675 C T677C T 600-77 C CH T677C T 677 C T679C T 600-79 C CH T679C T 679 C T679CI T 679 Ci T685 T 600-85 CH T685 T 685 T689 T 689 T691C T 600-91 C T691C T 691 C T695C T 600-95 C CH T695C T 695 C T699C T 699 C

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