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Philips Domel 650W Vacuum Cleaner Motor 432200699782

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Electric motor 432200699782 (458.3.303-4) for replacement in vacuum cleaner Philips Domel. Power: 650W. Diffuser low side diameter: 100, top diameter 79mm. Height: 30/105mm. Total height 105 mm

Compatibility list

Philips FC8680/09 FC8681/09 FC8682/09 FC8741/09 FC8743/09 FC8779/09 FC8780/08 FC8780/09 FC8780/19 FC8781/07 FC8781/09 FC8781/19 FC8782/09 FC8783/09 FC8784/09 FC8785/07 FC8785/09 FC8786/09 FC9550/09 FC9551/09 FC9552/09 FC9552/19 FC9553/09 FC9555/09 FC9556/09 FC9728/01 FC9728/61 FC9728/71 FC9728/81 FC9729/09 FC9729/69 FC9741/09 FC9741/19 FC9928/07 FC9929/07 FC9929/09 FC9931/07 FC9932/07 FC9932/69 FC9934/07