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Philips multi cooker bimetallic thermostat (pressure switch) for

Philips multi cooker bimetallic thermostat (pressure switch) for

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Pressure bimetallic thermal switch 996510071112 for replace in Philips pressure /steam multi cooker

Compatibility list

Philips HD2103/49 Philips HD2103/60 Philips HD2103/65 Philips HD2105/46 Philips HD2105/50 Philips HD2108/56 Philips HD2132/60 Philips HD2133/50 Philips HD2136/50 Philips HD2136/65 Philips HD2137/56 Philips HD2137/72 Philips HD2139 /60 Philips HD2139/62 Philips HD2139/65 Philips HD2172/50 Philips HD2173/03 Philips HD2175/50 Philips HD2178/03 Philips HD2178/60 Philips RI3103/75 Philips RI3105/75 Philips RI3105/76 Philips RI3136/75 Philips RI3 136/76

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