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Philips vacuum cleaner motor VAC070UN 1600W h110 d111

Philips vacuum cleaner motor VAC070UN 1600W h110 d111

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Electric motor HX-70L VAC070UN power 1600W for replacement in a Philips vacuum cleaner, total height 110, diameter of the lower part of the diffuser 111 mm. Also suitable for any vacuum cleaner in which it fits by size and connections

Compatibility list:

Philips FC8286/01 FC8380/01 FC8382/01 FC8384/01 FC8386/01 FC8386/11 FC8388/02 FC8390/01 FC8390/02 FC8394/01 FC8396/01 FC8396/02 FC8397/02 FC8400/01 FC8402/01 FC8404/01 FC8406/01 FC8408/01 FC8408/02 FC8410/01 FC8412/01 FC8421/02 FC8422/01 FC8424/02 FC8425/02 FC8426/02 FC8428/02 FC8429/02 FC8430/02 FC8432/01 FC8433/02 FC8434/02 FC8436/02 FC8436/03 FC8437/02 FC8438/02 FC8439/02 FC8600/01 FC8601/01 FC8601/02 FC8601/03 FC8601/04 FC8601/05 FC8602/01 FC8602/02 FC8604/01 FC8606/01 FC8606/02 FC8606/03 FC8607/01 FC8608/01 FC8608/02 FC8608/03 FC8608/04 FC8608/05 FC8611/01 FC8611/02 FC8612/01 FC8612/02 FC8613/01 FC8613/02 FC8614/01 FC8614/02 FC8615/01 FC8615/02 FC8615/03 FC8617/01 FC8617/02 FC8619/01 FC8712/01 FC8712/02 FC8714/01 FC8714/02 FC8716/01 FC8716/02 FC8716/04 FC8720/01 FC8722/01 FC8724/01 FC8732/01 FC8733/01 FC8734/01 FC8734/02 FC8734/03 FC8734/71 FC8736/01 FC8738/01 FC8740/01 FC8740/02 FC8912/01 FC8913/01 FC8919/01 FC9002/01 FC9004/01 FC9007/01 FC9008/01 FC9009/01 FC9009/09 FC9009/10 FC9010/01 FC9010/09 FC9011/09 FC9011/29 FC9012/01 FC9014/01 FC9015/09 FC9016/01 FC9017/09 FC9017/30 FC9018/01 FC9018/10 FC9019/09 FC9020/01 FC9023/09 FC9023/19 FC9024/01 FC9025/09 FC9026/01 FC9027/09 FC9050/01 FC9054/01 FC9056/01 FC9056/02 FC9057/01 FC9100/20 FC9101/30 FC9102/01 FC9102/09 FC9102/19 FC9102/20 FC9102/29 FC9102/30 FC9102/35 FC9102/40 FC9102/88 FC9102/99 FC9103/01 FC9103/09 FC9103/20 FC9104/01 FC9104/09 FC9106/01 FC9106/09 FC9108/01 FC9108/09 FC9110/01 FC9110/09 FC9112/01 FC9112/09 FC9114/01 FC9116/01 FC9120/01 FC9120/20 FC9122/01 FC9122/20 FC9124/01 FC9124/20 FC9126/01 FC9126/20 FC9128/01 FC9128/20 FC9130/01 FC9130/02 FC9130/20 FC9130/22 FC9132/01 FC9153/01 FC9153/08 FC9153/11 HR8352/01 HR8352/02 HR8356/01 HR8356/02 HR8358/02 HR8360/02 HR8360/03 HR8361/01 HR8362/01 HR8364/02 HR8365/02 HR8368/01 HR8372/02 HR8376/05 HR8376/07 HR8504/01 HR8701/01 SK-FC8601

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