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Samsung washing machine drum fin DC97-02051E L218

Samsung washing machine drum fin DC97-02051E L218

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Samsung washing machine drum activator fin DC97-02051E

Compatibility list

Samsung C1035 C1035EW/XSH C1035EW/XSH C1035A C1035AEW/XTL C1035AEW/XTL C1035A C1035AFS/XTC C1035AFS/XTC C1035A C1035AIS/YFQ C1035AIS/YFQ C1035A C1035ASE/XSE C1035ASE/XSE C1035AS C1035AGS/XSP C1035AGS/XSP C1035AS C1035ASE/XST C1035ASE/XST C1043S C1043S/XSC C1043S/XSC C1235 C1235EW/XTL C1235EW/XTL C1235 C1235IW/XSA C1235IW/XSA C1235 C1235IW/YMI C1235IW/YMI C1235A C1235AEW/XSH C1235AEW/XSH C1235A C1235AEW/XTL C1235AEW/XTL C1235A C1235AEW/YLX C1235AEW/YLX C1235A C1235AEW/YON C1235AEW/YON C1235A C1235AFS/XTC C1235AFS/XTC C1235A C1235AIS/YFQ C1235AIS/YFQ C1235A C1235AIW/YFL C1235AIW/YFL C1235A C1235AIW/YLN C1235AIW/YLN C1235A C1235ASE/XSE C1235ASE/XSE C1235A C1235ASE/XTL C1235ASE/XTL C1235AS C1235AGS/XSP C1235AGS/XSP C1235AS C1235ASE/XST C1235ASE/XST C1235AV C1235AVW/XSA C1235AVW/XSA C835 C835EW/XSH C835EW/XSH C835 C835IW/XSA C835IW/XSA C835 C835IW/YMI C835IW/YMI C843 C843 C843 F1033 F1033 F1033 F1033S F1033S F1033S F1035 F1035 F1035 F1035AS F1035AS F1035AS F1035J F1035J F1035J F1035JB F1035JB/XSC F1035JB/XSC F1035JF F1035JF F1035JF F1035JS F1035JS F1035JS F1035S F1035S F1035S F1215J R1215JGW/YLW R1215JGW/YLW F1235AS F1235AS F1235AS F1235J F1235J F1235J F1235JS F1235JS F1235JS F631 F631 F631 F831 F831 F831 F832 F832 F832 F833 F833 F833 F833S F833S F833S F835 F835 F835 F835S F835S F835S R1013J R1013JGW/YLR R1013JGW/YLR R1013J R1013JGW/YLW R1013JGW/YLW R1013J R1013JGWU/YLW R1013JGWU/YLW R1015J R1015JGW/YLR R1015JGW/YLR R1015J R1015JGW/YLW R1015JGW/YLW R1015J R1015JGWU/YLW R1015JGWU/YLW R1031 R1031GWS/YLR R1031GWS/YLR R1031 R1031GWS/YLU R1031GWS/YLU R1031 R1031GWS/YLW R1031GWS/YLW R1031 R1031GWS/YPP R1031GWS/YPP R1031 R1031GWS1/XEH R1031GWS1/XEH R1031 R1031GWS1/XEO R1031GWS1/XEO R1031 R1031GWS1/YLR R1031GWS1/YLR R1031 R1031GWS1/YLU R1031GWS1/YLU R1031 R1031GWS1/YLW R1031GWS1/YLW R1031 R1031GWS1/YPP R1031GWS1/YPP R1031 R1031GWS1U/YLW R1031GWS1U/YLW R1033 R1033GWC/YLP R1033GWC/YLP R1033 R1033GWC/YLW R1033GWC/YLW R1033 R1033GWC1/YLP R1033GWC1/YLP R1033 R1033GWC1/YLU R1033GWC1/YLU R1033 R1033GWC1/YLW R1033GWC1/YLW R1033 R1033GWC1U/YLW R1033GWC1U/YLW R1042 R1042DW/XAP R1042DW/XAP R1043 R1043EW/XBG R1043EW/XBG R1043 R1043EW/XTL R1043EW/XTL R1043 R1043EW/YGI R1043EW/YGI R1043 R1043FW/YIA R1043FW/YIA R1043 R1043GW/XEH R1043GW/XEH R1043 R1043GW/YLP R1043GW/YLP R1043 R1043GW/YLW R1043GW/YLW R1043 R1043GWU/YLW R1043GWU/YLW R1045 R1045AVGW1/XEH R1045AVGW1/XEH R1045 R1045GW/XAG R1045GW/XAG R1045A R1045A/XSC R1045A/XSC R1045A R1045AGW/YLP R1045AGW/YLP R1045A R1045AGW/YLR R1045AGW/YLR R1045A R1045AGW/YLW R1045AGW/YLW R1045A R1045AGWU/YLW R1045AGWU/YLW R1045AV R1045AVGW1/XEO R1045AVGW1/XEO R1045AV R1045AVGW1/YLE R1045AVGW1/YLE R1052 R1052GWS/YLP R1052GWS/YLP R1052 R1052GWS/YLR R1052GWS/YLR R1052 R1052GWS/YLW R1052GWS/YLW R1052 R1052GWSU/YLW R1052GWSU/YLW R1213J R1213JGW/YLR R1213JGW/YLR R1213J R1213JGW/YLW R1213JGW/YLW R1213J R1213JGWU/YLW R1213JGWU/YLW R1215J R1215JGW/YLR R1215JGW/YLR R1215J R1215JGWU/YLW R1215JGWU/YLW R1233 R1233GWC/YLP R1233GWC/YLP R1233 R1233GWC/YLW R1233GWC/YLW R1245 R1245GW/SWS R1245GW/SWS R1245 R1245GW/XAG R1245GW/XAG R1245A R1245A/XSC R1245A/XSC R1245AS R1245AS/XSC R1245AS/XSC R1245AV R1245AVGW/YLP R1245AVGW/YLP R1245AV R1245AVGW/YLR R1245AVGW/YLR R1245AV R1245AVGW/YLW R1245AVGW/YLW R1245AV R1245AVGW1/SWS R1245AVGW1/SWS R1245AV R1245AVGW1/XAG R1245AVGW1/XAG R1245AV R1245AVGW1/XEH R1245AVGW1/XEH R1245AV R1245AVGW1/YLE R1245AVGW1/YLE R1245AV R1245AVGWU/YLW R1245AVGWU/YLW R1245C R1245CEW/XSH R1245CEW/XSH R1245V R1245VEW/XSH R1245VEW/XSH R631 R631GWS/YLW R631GWS/YLW R813J R813JGW/YLR R813JGW/YLR R813J R813JGW/YLW R813JGW/YLW R813J R813JGWU/YLW R813JGWU/YLW R815J R815JGW/YLR R815JGW/YLR R815J R815JGW/YLW R815JGW/YLW R815J R815JGWU/YLW R815JGWU/YLW R831 R831GWS/YLR R831GWS/YLR R831 R831GWS/YLU R831GWS/YLU R831 R831GWS/YLW R831GWS/YLW R831 R831GWS/YPP R831GWS/YPP R831 R831GWS1/XEH R831GWS1/XEH R831 R831GWS1/XEO R831GWS1/XEO R831 R831GWS1/YLU R831GWS1/YLU R831 R831GWS1/YLW R831GWS1/YLW R831 R831GWS1/YPP R831GWS1/YPP R831 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