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Stainless steel drum spider 244196 for Bosch BS-001 washing machine

Stainless steel drum spider 244196 for Bosch BS-001 washing machine

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The Drum support spider 244196 (Bosch BS-001) for replacement Bosch washing machine, made in custom factory of stainless steel, to hold the drum and ensure its uniform rotation, main bearing 205, second bearing 203, seat ring diameter for the oil seal 30 mm, total shaft length 116 mm, distance from the shaft axis to the drum mounting axis 225 mm, fasteners not included. It usually fails due to damage to the bearing assembly, constant drum overloads with linen, vibration, the use of poor-quality grease for the oil seal


The landing height of the external bearing 10 mm
The distance from the axis of the shaft to the axis of the attachment with the drum 225 mm
Fastening type bolts
The distance from the sleeve to the outer bearing 66 mm
The diameter of the sleeve for the stuffing box 30x27 mm
Material Stainless Steel
The height of the landing of the pulley 15 mm
The landing diameter of the inner bearing 25 mm (bearing 6205)
The landing diameter of the external bearing 17 mm (bearing 6203)
Bearings 6203 and 6205
The diameter of the landing ring under the oil seal 30 mm
The diameter of the landing of the pulley 17 mm
The width of the groove under the pulley 14 mm
Shaft length 121 mm

Compatibility list

Bosch Siemens 1000 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB20060SN/01) WAA20162BY/16 1000 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB20060SN/02) WAA20162BY/18 1000 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB20060SN/03) WAA20162BY/24 1000 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB20060SN/04) WAA20162II/25 1000 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB20060SN/05) WAA20162II/32 1000 CLASSIXX 5,5 (WAB20060IL/01) WAA20162II/33 1000 CLASSIXX 5,5 (WAB20060IL/05) WAA20162OE/01 1000 CLASSIXX 5,5 (WAB20060IL/20) WAA20162OE/09 1000 CLASSIXX 5,5 (WAB20060IL/21) WAA20162OE/11 1000 CLASSIXX 5,5 (WAB20060IL/23) WAA20162OE/16 1000 CLASSIXX 5,5 (WAB20060IL/24) WAA20162PL/11 1000 CLASSIXX 5,5 (WAB20060IL/29) WAA20162PL/16 800 CLASSIXX (WAB16060IL/05) WAA20162PL/18 800 CLASSIXX (WAB16060IL/07) WAA20162PL/24 800 CLASSIXX (WAB16060IL/21) WAA20162SN/13 800 CLASSIXX (WAB16060IL/23) WAA20163PL/01 800 CLASSIXX (WAB16060IL/24) WAA20163PL/05 800 CLASSIXX (WAB16060IL/25) WAA20163PL/08 800 CLASSIXX (WAB16060IL/29) WAA20163PL/09 BOSCH CLASSIXX (WAB16260IL/01) WAA20163SN/01 BOSCH CLASSIXX (WAB16260IL/17) WAA20163SN/05 BOSCH CLASSIXX (WAB16260IL/31) WAA20163SN/08 BOSCH CLASSIXX (WAB20260IL/01) WAA20163SN/09 BOSCH CLASSIXX (WAB20260IL/20) WAA20165GC/05 BOSCH CLASSIXX (WAB20260IL/21) WAA20165GC/08 BOSCH CLASSIXX (WAB20260IL/31) WAA20165GC/09 CLASSIXX (WAB16060IN/23) WAA20165ME/01 CLASSIXX (WAB16060IN/24) WAA20165ME/05 CLASSIXX (WAB16060IN/25) WAA20165ME/09 CLASSIXX (WAB16060IN/29) WAA20165ME/11 CLASSIXX (WAB16060IN/30) WAA20165ME/12 CLASSIXX (WAB20060GC/01) WAA20165ME/16 CLASSIXX (WAB20060GC/03) WAA20166ME/11 CLASSIXX (WAB20060GC/05) WAA20166ME/16 CLASSIXX (WAB2026SZA/20) WAA20167ME/01 CLASSIXX (WAB2026SZA/21) WAA20167ME/05 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16010TR/01) WAA20167ME/08 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16010TR/02) WAA20167ME/09 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16010TR/03) WAA2016KBY/01 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16010TR/04) WAA2016KBY/05 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16010TR/05) WAA2016KBY/08 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16010TR/07) WAA2016KBY/09 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16010TR/12) WAA2016SBC/11 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16060II/01) WAA2016SBC/16 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16060II/02) WAA2016SBC/18 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16060II/03) WAA2016SBC/24 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16060II/04) WAA20170CE/01 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16060II/05) WAA20170CE/05 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16060II/07) WAA20170CE/09 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16060ME/01) WAA20170CE/11 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16060ME/05) WAA20170CE/16 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16060ME/07) WAA20170CE/18 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16060TR/01) WAA20170CE/24 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16060TR/02) WAA20171CE/24 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16060TR/03) WAA20171CE/32 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16060TR/04) WAA20171CE/33 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16060TR/05) WAA20181CE/11 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16060TR/07) WAA20181CE/13 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16060TR/12) WAA20181CE/24 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16260TR/01) WAA20182CE/24 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16260TR/02) WAA20182CE/32 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16260TR/03) WAA20182CE/33 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB16260TR/04) WAA20261BY/01 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB20060II/01) WAA20261BY/09 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB20060II/02) WAA20261BY/11 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB20060II/03) WAA20261BY/13 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB20060II/04) WAA20261BY/14 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB20060II/05) WAA20261BY/16 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB2006SBC/01) WAA20261BY/24 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB2006SBC/02) WAA20261OE/01 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB2006SBC/03) WAA20261OE/09 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB2006SBC/05) WAA20261OE/11 CLASSIXX 5 (WAB2006SBC/06) WAA20261OE/13 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16060BY/01) WAA20261OE/14 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16060BY/02) WAA20261OE/16 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16060BY/03) WAA20261OE/18 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16060BY/04) WAA20261OE/24 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16060BY/05) WAA20261PL/01 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16060BY/07) WAA20261PL/09 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16063PL/01) WAA20261PL/11 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16063PL/02) WAA20261PL/13 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16063PL/03) WAA20261PL/14 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16063PL/04) WAA20261PL/16 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16063PL/05) WAA20261PL/24 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16063PL/07) WAA20262BY/01 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16071CE/03) WAA20262BY/08 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16071CE/04) WAA20262BY/09 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16071CE/05) WAA20262PL/01 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16071CE/07) WAA20262PL/08 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16071CE/21) WAA20262PL/09 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16071CE/23) WAA20271CE/14 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16071CE/25) WAA20271CE/18 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16210TR/01) WAA20272CE/01 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16210TR/02) WAA20272CE/08 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16210TR/03) WAA20272CE/09 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB16210TR/04) WAA2027JPL/01 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20060BY/01) WAA2027JPL/09 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20060BY/02) WAA2027JPL/11 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20060BY/03) WAA2027JPL/13 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20060BY/04) WAA2027JPL/14 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20060BY/05) WAA2027JPL/16 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20060BY/18) WAA2027SBY/01 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20060BY/20) WAA2027SBY/09 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20060BY/21) WAA2027SBY/11 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20060EE/01) WAA2027SBY/13 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20060EE/02) WAA2027SBY/14 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20060EE/03) WAA2027SBY/16 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20060EE/04) WAA2027SBY/18 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20060EE/05) WAA2028JPL/01 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20060EE/13) WAA2028JPL/08 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20060EE/18) WAA2028JPL/09 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20060EE/20) WAA2028SBY/01 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20060EE/21) WAA2028SBY/08 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20060EE/23) CM1000KTR/01 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20060EE/24) CM1000KTR/03 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20060GR/18) CM1000KTR/04 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20063PL/01) CM1000KTR/09 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20063PL/02) CM1000KTR/11 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20063PL/03) CM1000KTR/16 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20063PL/04) CM1001KTR/11 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20063PL/05) CM1001KTR/16 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20071CE/03) CM1001KTR/32 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20071CE/04) CM1001KTR/33 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20071CE/05) CM1001KTR/34 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20071CE/18) CM1020KTR/01 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20071CE/20) CM1020KTR/04 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20071CE/21) CM1020KTR/09 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20071CE/23) CM1020KTR/11 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20082CE/01) CM1020KTR/16 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20082CE/02) CM1021KTR/11 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20082CE/03) CM1021KTR/16 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20082CE/04) CM1021KTR/24 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20082CE/05) CM1021KTR/32 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2021JPL/17) CM1021KTR/33 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2021JPL/21) SMART 6 (CM1000LTR/01) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2021JPL/31) SMART 6 (CM1000LTR/02) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20260BY/01) SMART 6 (CM1000LTR/03) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20260BY/02) SMART 6 (CM1000LTR/04) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20260BY/03) SMART 6 (CM1001LTR/01) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20260BY/04) SMART 6 (CM1002LTR/01) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20260EE/01) SMART 6 (CM1002LTR/04) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20260EE/02) SMART 6 (CM1002LTR/09) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20260EE/03) SMART 6 (CM1002LTR/10) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20260EE/04) SMART 6 (CM1002LTR/11) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20260II/01) SMART 6 (CM1002LTR/15) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20260TR/01) SMART 6 (CM1002LTR/16) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20260TR/02) SMART 6 (CM1002LTR/17) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20260TR/03) SMART 6 (CM1002LTR/20) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20260TR/04) SMART 6 (CM1002LTR/21) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20261II/15) SMART 6 (CM1003LTR/01) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20261II/16) SMART 6 (CM1003LTR/31) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20261II/17) SMART 6 (CM1020LTR/01) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20261II/20) SMART 6 (CM1020LTR/02) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20261II/21) SMART 6 (CM1021LTR/01) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20261II/31) IQ 100 (WM10A166GC/05) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20262BY/01) IQ 100 (WM10A166GC/08) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20262BY/15) IQ 100 (WM10A166GC/09) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20262BY/16) IQ 100 (WM10A27APL/08) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20262BY/17) IQ 100 (WM10A27APL/09) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20262BY/21) IQ100 (WM10B060DN/01) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20262BY/31) IQ100 (WM10B060DN/02) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20262PL/01) IQ100-6 (WM10B060BY/01) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20262PL/02) IQ100-6 (WM10B060BY/02) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20262PL/03) IQ100-6 (WM10B060BY/03) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20262PL/04) IQ100-6 (WM10B060BY/04) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20264PL/15) IQ100-6 (WM10B060BY/05) CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20264PL/16) WM10A110TR/01 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20264PL/17) WM10A110TR/03 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20264PL/21) WM10A110TR/09 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB20264PL/31) WM10A110TR/11 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026FPL/01) WM10A11GTR/11 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026FPL/02) WM10A11GTR/16 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026FPL/03) WM10A11GTR/18 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026FPL/04) WM10A11GTR/32 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026KPL/01) WM10A11GTR/33 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026KPL/02) WM10A11STR/01 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026KPL/03) WM10A11STR/03 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026KPL/04) WM10A11STR/09 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026PPL/15) WM10A11STR/11 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026PPL/16) WM10A161BY/01 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026PPL/21) WM10A161BY/05 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026PPL/31) WM10A161BY/09 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026QPL/01) WM10A161BY/11 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026QPL/15) WM10A161SN/01 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026QPL/21) WM10A161SN/06 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026QPL/31) WM10A161SN/09 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026SPL/01) WM10A161SN/11 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026SPL/04) WM10A161SN/13 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026TPL/15) WM10A161SN/16 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026TPL/20) WM10A162BY/01 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026TPL/21) WM10A162BY/09 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026TPL/31) WM10A162BY/11 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026YPL/01) WM10A162BY/13 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026YPL/15) WM10A162BY/16 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026YPL/16) WM10A162DN/13 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026YPL/21) WM10A162DN/18 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2026YPL/31) WM10A162DN/24 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2028FPL/15) WM10A163BY/01 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2028FPL/16) WM10A163BY/05 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2028FPL/21) WM10A163BY/08 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2028FPL/31) WM10A163BY/09 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2028JPL/01) WM10A163DN/01 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2028JPL/02) WM10A163DN/05 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2028JPL/03) WM10A163DN/08 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2028JPL/04) WM10A163DN/09 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2028KPL/15) WM10A163PL/01 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2028KPL/16) WM10A163PL/05 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2028KPL/21) WM10A163PL/08 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2028KPL/31) WM10A163PL/09 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2028SPL/15) WM10A165IN/16 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2028SPL/16) WM10A165ME/01 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2028SPL/21) WM10A165ME/05 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB2028SPL/31) WM10A165ME/09 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB202S0TR/01) WM10A165ME/11 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB202S0TR/02) WM10A165ME/12 CLASSIXX 6 (WAB202S0TR/03) WM10A165ME/16 CLASSIXX 6, VARIOPERFECT (WAB20272CE/01) WM10A165ME/24 CLASSIXX 6, VARIOPERFECT (WAB20272CE/02) WM10A166ME/01 CLASSIXX 6, VARIOPERFECT (WAB20272CE/03) WM10A166ME/05 CLASSIXX 6, VARIOPERFECT (WAB20272CE/04) WM10A166ME/08 CLASSIXX 6, VARIOPERFECT (WAB20272CE/10) WM10A166ME/09 CLASSIXX 6, VARIOPERFECT (WAB20272CE/13) WM10A261BY/11 CLASSIXX 6, VARIOPERFECT (WAB20272CE/14) WM10A261BY/13 CLASSIXX 6, VARIOPERFECT (WAB20272CE/17) WM10A261BY/16 CLASSIXX FOR KIDS (WAB2007KPL/01) WM10A261BY/24 CLASSIXX FOR KIDS (WAB2007KPL/02) WM10A261II/11 CLASSIXX FOR KIDS (WAB2007KPL/03) WM10A261II/16 CLASSIXX FOR KIDS (WAB2007KPL/04) WM10A261II/24 CLASSIXX FOR KIDS (WAB2007KPL/05) WM10A261PL/11 MAXX 6 (WAB16211TR/01) WM10A261PL/13 MAXX 6 (WAB16212TR/01) WM10A261PL/16 MAXX 6 (WAB16212TR/09) WM10A261PL/24 MAXX 6 (WAB16260ME/01) WM10A262BY/01 MAXX 6 (WAB16260ME/02) WM10A262BY/06 MAXX 6 (WAB16260ME/04) WM10A262BY/08 MAXX 6 (WAB16261TR/01) WM10A262BY/09 MAXX 6 (WAB16262TR/01) WM10A262PL/01 MAXX 6 (WAB16262TR/09) WM10A262PL/06 MAXX 6 (WAB16262TR/15) WM10A262PL/08 MAXX 6 (WAB16262TR/16) WM10A262PL/09 MAXX 6 (WAB16262TR/17) WM10A27RPL/11 MAXX 6 (WAB16262TR/20) WM10A27RPL/13 MAXX 6 (WAB16262TR/21) WM10A27RPL/16 MAXX 6 (WAB20260GC/01) WM10A27RPL/30 MAXX 6 (WAB20260GC/17) WM10A27RPL/32 MAXX 6 (WAB20260GC/21) osch Siemens IQ100 (WM08A163II/25) MAXX 6 (WAB20260GC/31) IQ100 (WM08A163II/32) MAXX 6 (WAB20260ME/01) IQ100 (WM08A163II/33) MAXX 6 (WAB20260ME/02) IQ100 (WM08B060BY/01) MAXX 6 (WAB20260ME/04) IQ100 (WM08B060BY/02) MAXX 6 (WAB20261ME/01) IQ100 (WM08B060GR/01) MAXX 6 (WAB20261ME/05) IQ100 (WM08B060GR/02) MAXX 6 (WAB20261TR/01) IQ100 (WM08B060GR/03) MAXX 6 (WAB20262TR/09) IQ100 (WM08B060GR/04) MAXX 6 (WAB20262TR/15) IQ100 (WM08B060GR/05) MAXX 6 (WAB20262TR/16) IQ100 (WM08B060GR/07) MAXX 6 (WAB20262TR/17) IQ100 (WM08B060HK/01) MAXX 6 (WAB20262TR/21) IQ100 (WM08B060HK/05) MAXX 6 (WAB202S1TR/01) IQ100 (WM08B060HK/07) MAXX 6 (WAB202S2TR/09) IQ100 (WM08B060HK/23) MAXX6 (WAB2026SME/01) IQ100 (WM08B060HK/24) MAXX6 (WAB2026SME/02) IQ100 (WM08B060HK/25) MAXX6 (WAB2026SME/03) IQ100 (WM08B060II/01) MAXX6 (WAB2026SME/10) IQ100 (WM08B060II/02) MAXX6 VARIOPERFECT (WAB202S1ME/01) IQ100 (WM08B060II/03) MAXX6 VARIOPERFECT (WAB202S1ME/21) IQ100 (WM08B060II/04) SERIE 2 (WAB16262ME/01) IQ100 (WM08B060II/05) SERIE 2 (WAB16262ME/16) IQ100 (WM08B060II/07) SERIE 2 (WAB16262ME/17) IQ100 (WM08B060TR/01) SERIE 2 (WAB16262ME/21) IQ100 (WM08B060TR/02) SERIE 2 (WAB16262ME/31) IQ100 (WM08B060TR/03) SERIE 2 (WAB20061BY/01) IQ100 (WM08B060TR/04) SERIE 2 (WAB20061BY/20) IQ100 (WM08B060TR/05) SERIE 2 (WAB20061BY/21) IQ100 (WM08B060TR/07) SERIE 2 (WAB20061BY/23) IQ100 (WM08B060TR/12) SERIE 2 (WAB20061BY/29) IQ100 ISENSORIC (WM08B262ME/01) SERIE 2 (WAB20064PL/01) IQ100 ISENSORIC (WM08B262ME/17) SERIE 2 (WAB20064PL/23) IQ100 ISENSORIC (WM08B262ME/20) SERIE 2 (WAB20064PL/29) IQ100 ISENSORIC (WM08B262ME/21) SERIE 2 (WAB20066EE/23) IQ100 ISENSORIC (WM08B262ME/31) SERIE 2 (WAB20066EE/29) IQ300 (WM08B260TR/01) SERIE 2 (WAB20262ME/01) IQ300 (WM08B260TR/02) SERIE 2 (WAB20262ME/15) IQ300 (WM08B260TR/03) SERIE 2 (WAB20262ME/16) IQ300 (WM08B260TR/04) SERIE 2 (WAB20262ME/17) IQ300 (WM08B261ME/01) SERIE 2 (WAB20262ME/21) IQ300 (WM08B261TR/01) SERIE 2 (WAB20262ME/31) IQ300 (WM08B262TR/01) SERIE 2 (WAB20266EE/01) IQ300 (WM08B262TR/09) SERIE 2 (WAB20266EE/15) IQ300 (WM08B262TR/15) SERIE 2 (WAB20266EE/16) IQ300 (WM08B262TR/17) SERIE 2 (WAB20266EE/17) IQ300 (WM08B262TR/20) SERIE 2 (WAB20266EE/21) IQ300 (WM08B262TR/21) SERIE 2 (WAB20266EE/31) WM07A065HK/24 SERIE 2 (WAB2027SME/01) WM07A065HK/32 SERIE 2 (WAB2027SME/21) WM07A065HK/33 WAB16061IN/01 WM08A065HK/24 WAB16061ME/01 WM08A065HK/32 WAB16061ME/20 WM08A065HK/33 WAB16061ME/23 WM08A110TR/01 WAB16061ME/25 WM08A110TR/03 WAB16061ME/29 WM08A110TR/05 WAB16061TR/01 WM08A110TR/09 WAB16061TR/21 WM08A110TR/11 WAB16061TR/23 WM08A111TR/11 WAB16061TR/25 WM08A111TR/16 WAB16061TR/29 WM08A111TR/21 WAB16061ZA/01 WM08A111TR/24 WAB16263TR/01 WM08A111TR/32 WAB16263TR/21 WM08A111TR/33 WAB16263TR/31 WM08A160II/01 WAB20061GR/01 WM08A160II/09 WAB20061GR/20 WM08A160II/11 WAB20061GR/23 WM08A160TR/01 WAB20061GR/29 WM08A160TR/03 WAB20262IR/31 WM08A160TR/09 WAB20264TR/31 WM08A160TR/11 WAB20268ZA/01 WM08A160TR/16 WAB2026SKE/27 WM08A161BC/11 CLASSIXX 5 (WAA16163II/25) WM08A161BC/16 CLASSIXX 5 (WAA16163II/32) WM08A161BC/21 CLASSIXX 5 (WAA16163II/33) WM08A161BC/24 CLASSIXX 5 (WAA20163II/25) WM08A161BC/32 CLASSIXX 5 (WAA20163II/32) WM08A161BC/33 CLASSIXX 5 (WAA20163II/33) WM08A161BY/01 CLASSIXX 6 (WAA2026FPL/32) WM08A161BY/09 CLASSIXX 6 (WAA2026FPL/33) WM08A161BY/11 CLASSIXX 6 (WAA2026KPL/08) WM08A161II/11 CLASSIXX 6 (WAA2026KPL/09) WM08A161II/16 WAA16110TR/01 WM08A161II/18 WAA16110TR/03 WM08A161II/24 WAA16110TR/09 WM08A161II/25 WAA16110TR/11 WM08A161TR/11 WAA16110TR/16 WM08A161TR/16 WAA16111TR/11 WM08A161TR/21 WAA16111TR/16 WM08A161TR/32 WAA16111TR/21 WM08A161TR/33 WAA16111TR/32 WM08A162BY/01 WAA16111TR/33 WM08A162BY/09 WAA16160II/01 WM08A162BY/11 WAA16160II/04 WM08A162BY/13 WAA16160II/09 WM08A162BY/16 WAA16160II/11 WM08A162BY/21 WAA16160II/16 WM08A162II/25 WAA16160TR/01 WM08A162II/32 WAA16160TR/03 WM08A163BY/01 WAA16160TR/09 WM08A163BY/05 WAA16160TR/11 WM08A163BY/08 WAA16160TR/16 WM08A163BY/09 WAA16161BC/11 WM08A165ME/01 WAA16161BC/16 WM08A165ME/02 WAA16161BC/21 WM08A165ME/08 WAA16161BC/24 WM08A165ME/09 WAA16161BC/32 WM08A165ME/11 WAA16161BC/33 WM08A165ME/16 WAA16161BY/01 WM08A165ME/21 WAA16161BY/09 WM08A166ME/01 WAA16161BY/11 3TS50105A/32 WAA16161BY/16 3TS50105A/33 WAA16161II/11 3TS50800MY/26 WAA16161II/16 3TS853E/01 WAA16161II/21 3TS853E/20 WAA16161II/24 3TS853E/29 WAA16161II/25 3TS949A/11 WAA16161OE/05 3TS949A/21 WAA16161OE/09 3TS949A/24 WAA16161OE/11 3TS949A/26 WAA16161OE/16 3TS949A/32 WAA16161PL/05 3TS959B/11 WAA16161PL/09 3TS959B/24 WAA16161PL/11 SERIE 6 (3TS863E/04) WAA16161PL/16 SERIE 6 (3TS863E/05) WAA16161PL/18 SERIE 6 (3TS863E/18) WAA16161PL/21 SERIE 6 VARIOPERFECT (3TS864E/03) WAA16161PL/24 SERIE 6 VARIOPERFECT (3TS864E/04) WAA16161TR/11 SERIE 6 VARIOPERFECT (3TS866E/01) WAA16161TR/16 TS853 (3TS853/01) WAA16161TR/21 TS853 (3TS853/02) WAA16161TR/24 TS853 (3TS853/04) WAA16161TR/32 TS853 (3TS853/05) WAA16161TR/33 TS853 (3TS853/18) WAA16162BY/01 TS853B (3TS853B/29) WAA16162BY/09 TS949 (3TS949B/01) WAA16162BY/11 TS949 (3TS949B/02) WAA16162BY/13 TS949 (3TS949B/04) WAA16162BY/16 TS949 (3TS949B/05) WAA16162BY/18 TS949 (3TS949B/07) WAA16162BY/21 VARIOPERFECT (3TS60107/15) WAA16162II/25 VARIOPERFECT (3TS60107/21) WAA16162II/32 VARIOPERFECT (3TS60107/31) WAA16162OE/11 VARIOPERFECT (3TS764BE/20) WAA16162OE/16 VARIOPERFECT (3TS764BE/31) WAA16162OE/21 VARIOPERFECT (3TS864B/21) WAA16163BY/01 VARIOPERFECT (3TS864B/31) WAA16163BY/05 VARIOPERFECT (3TS864BC/01) WAA16163BY/08 CM08000LTR/01 WAA16163BY/09 CM08000LTR/02 WAA16163PL/01 CM08000LTR/03 WAA16163PL/05 CM08000LTR/04 WAA16163PL/08 CM0800KTR/01 WAA16163PL/09 CM0800KTR/03 WAA16165ME/01 CM0800KTR/04 WAA16165ME/04 CM0800KTR/05 WAA16165ME/05 CM0800KTR/09 WAA16165ME/09 CM0800KTR/11 WAA16165ME/11 CM0800KTR/16 WAA16165ME/12 CM0801KTR/11 WAA16165ME/16 CM0801KTR/16 WAA16165ME/21 CM0801KTR/18 WAA16166ME/01 CM0801KTR/21 WAA16166ME/05 CM0801KTR/24 WAA16166ME/07 CM0801KTR/32 WAA16166ME/08 CM0801KTR/33 WAA16166ME/09 CM0801KTR/34 WAA16170CE/01 CM0820KTR/01 WAA16170CE/05 CM0820KTR/03 WAA16170CE/09 CM0820KTR/04 WAA16170CE/11 CM0820KTR/05 WAA16170CE/16 CM0820KTR/09 WAA16170CE/21 CM0820KTR/11 WAA16171CE/24 CM0820KTR/16 WAA16171CE/32 CM0821KTR/09 WAA16171CE/33 CM0821KTR/16 WAA16261OE/01 CM0821KTR/21 WAA16261OE/09 CM0821KTR/23 WAA16261OE/11 CM0821KTR/32 WAA16261OE/13 CM0821KTR/33 WAA16261OE/14 CM0821KTR/34 WAA16261OE/16 CM0920KGTR/03 WAA16261OE/21 CM0920KGTR/04 WAA20110AR/01 CM0920KGTR/05 WAA20110AR/09 CM0920KGTR/09 WAA20110AR/16 CM0920KGTR/16 WAA20110AR/31 CM0921KGTR/11 WAA20112EE/11 CM0921KGTR/16 WAA20112EE/24 CM0921KGTR/18 WAA20113EE/24 CM0921KGTR/32 WAA20113EE/32 CM0921KGTR/33 WAA20113EE/33 COMFORT 5 CM0805KTR (CM0805KTR/01) WAA2011GTR/01 COMFORT 5 CM0805KTR (CM0805KTR/20) WAA2011GTR/03 COMFORT 5 CM0805KTR (CM0805KTR/21) WAA2011GTR/05 COMFORT 5 CM0805KTR (CM0805KTR/23) WAA2011GTR/09 COMFORT 5 CM0805KTR (CM0805KTR/25) WAA2011GTR/11 COMFORT 5 CM0805KTR (CM0805KTR/29) WAA2011GTR/16 COMFORT 5 (CM0803KTR/01) WAA2011STR/11 COMFORT 5 (CM0803KTR/03) WAA2011STR/16 COMFORT 5 (CM0803KTR/04) WAA2011STR/24 COMFORT 5 (CM0803KTR/05) WAA2011STR/32 COMFORT 5 (CM0803KTR/07) WAA2011STR/33 COMFORT 5 (CM0804KTR/01) WAA20160II/01 COMFORT 5 (CM0804KTR/08) WAA20160II/09 COMFORT 5 (CM0804KTR/12) WAA20160II/11 SMART 6 (CM08001LTR/01) WAA20160II/16 SMART 6 (CM08002LTR/01) WAA20160TR/01 SMART 6 (CM08002LTR/09) WAA20160TR/03 SMART 6 (CM08002LTR/16) WAA20160TR/09 SMART 6 (CM08002LTR/21) WAA20160TR/11 SMART 6 (CM08003LTR/01) WAA20160TR/16 SMART 6 (CM08020LTR/01) WAA20161BY/01 SMART 6 (CM08020LTR/02) WAA20161BY/09 SMART 6 (CM08020LTR/03) WAA20161BY/11 CONSTRUCTA (CWF08B20IL/21) WAA20161BY/16 CONSTRUCTA (CWF10B20IL/10) WAA20161II/09 CONSTRUCTA (CWF10B21IL/01) WAA20161II/11 CONSTRUCTA (CWF10B21IL/16) WAA20161II/16 CONSTRUCTA (CWF10B21IL/21) WAA20161II/24 CONSTRUCTA ENERGY (CWF10B10/01) WAA20161II/25 CONSTRUCTA ENERGY (CWF10B10/03) WAA20161OE/01 CONSTRUCTA ENERGY (CWF10B10/04) WAA20161OE/09 CONSTRUCTA ENERGY (CWF10B10/05) WAA20161OE/11 CWF08A11IL/01 WAA20161OE/16 CWF08A11IL/04 WAA20161PL/01 CWF08A11IL/24 WAA20161PL/09 CWF08A12IL/05 WAA20161PL/11 CWF08A12IL/08 WAA20161PL/16 CWF08A12IL/09 WAA20161SN/01 CWF08B00IL/07 WAA20161SN/06 CWF08B00IL/24 WAA20161SN/09 CWF08B00IL/25 WAA20161SN/11 CWF10A11/01 WAA20161SN/12 CWF10A11/09 WAA20161SN/13 CWF10A11/11 WAA20161SN/16 CWF10A11/16 WAA20161TR/11 CWF10A12/11 WAA20161TR/16 CWF10A12/13 WAA20161TR/24 CWF10A12/16 WAA20161TR/32 CWF10A12/24 WAA20161TR/33 CWF10A12/32 WAA20162BY/01 CWF10A12/33 WAA20162BY/09 CWF10A13IL/05 WAA20162BY/11 CWF10A13IL/08 WAA20162BY/13 CWF10A13IL/09
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