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Stainless steel drum spider DC97-00124B for Samsung washing machine

Stainless steel drum spider DC97-00124B for Samsung washing machine

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Samsung (analog cod. 734) washing machine high-strength Drum support spider (DC97-00124B). Made in the custom factory from solid stainless steel for the durable work purpose and long-term operation


  • Stuffing box bushing diameter: 25 mm
  • Shaft diameter for inner bearing: 20 mm
  • Shaft diameter for outer bearing: 17 mm
  • Fastening the pulley with a bolt
  • Full shaft length: 127 mm


Samsung F1013J Samsung F1015J
Samsung F1043 Samsung F1045
Samsung F1045A Samsung F1045AV
Samsung F1213J Samsung F1215J
Samsung F1245 Samsung F1245AV
Samsung F1245V Samsung F611
Samsung F813J Samsung F843
Samsung F853 Samsung SEW-6DW703B
Samsung SEW-DW703BT Samsung WF-F1053
Samsung WF-F1054 Samsung WF-F1056
Samsung WF-F1056V Samsung WF-F105A
Samsung WF-F105N Samsung WF-F1061
Samsung WF-F1061EW Samsung WF-F1061U
Samsung WF-F1062 Samsung WF-F1254
Samsung WF-F1256 Samsung WF-F125A
Samsung WF-F125AV Samsung WF-F125N
Samsung WF-F853 Samsung WF-F854
Samsung WF-F856 Samsung WF-F85N
Samsung WF-F85NC Samsung WF-F861
Samsung WF-F861EWU/XTL Samsung WF-F862
Samsung WF6450N7W Samsung WF6450S4V
Samsung WF6450S6V Samsung WF6450S7W
Samsung WF6452S4V Samsung WF6452S6V
Samsung WF6458N1IW Samsung WF6458N4W
Samsung WF6458N6W Samsung WF6458N7W
Samsung WF6458S7W Samsung WF7450NAW
Samsung WF7450NUW Samsung WF7450S9C
Samsung WF7450S9R Samsung WF7450SAV
Samsung WF7450SUV Samsung WF7452NUV
Samsung WF7452NUW Samsung WF7452S9C
Samsung WF7452S9R Samsung WF7452SUV
Samsung WF7458NUW Samsung WF7458SAV
Samsung WF7458SUV Samsung WF7500N1W/YNQ
Samsung WF7500SAU/XTL Samsung WF8450S9Q
Samsung WF8452S9P
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