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Samsung washing machine stainless steel drum spider DC97-01819B cod.729

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High-strength drum support spider (DC97-01819B) for Samsung (analog cod.729) 
washing machine. Made in custom factory from solid stainless steel for the durable work purpose and long-term operation


Samsung 819102 Samsung S1001
Samsung S1003J Samsung S1005J
Samsung S1013J Samsung S1015J
Samsung S1021 Samsung S1031
Samsung S1032 Samsung S1043
Samsung S1052 Samsung S601
Samsung S621 Samsung S621GWS1/YLW
Samsung S631 Samsung S632
Samsung S801 Samsung S803J
Samsung S805J Samsung S813J
Samsung S815J Samsung S821
Samsung S832 Samsung S835J
Samsung S835JS Samsung S843
Samsung S852 Samsung WF-S1053
Samsung WF-S1054 Samsung WF-S1061
Samsung WF-S1062 Samsung WF-S854
Samsung WF-S854S Samsung WF-S861
Samsung WF-S862 Samsung WF7350N7W
Samsung WF7350S7V Samsung WF7358N1W
Samsung WF7358N7W Samsung WF7358S7V
Samsung WF9350N7W