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Stainless steel drum spider DC97-15971A for Samsung washing machine

Stainless steel drum spider DC97-15971A for Samsung washing machine

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High-strength Drum support spider DC97-15971A (analog cod.740) for Samsung washing machine, with short shaft. Made in custom factory from solid stainless steel for the durable work purpose and long-term operation


Shaft length 107 mm
Mount type bolt
Stuffing box 30 * 60.55 * 10/12
Suitable bearings 6204 and 6205


Samsung WF-C602WRK Samsung WF-E592NMW
Samsung WF-E592NMWD Samsung WF-E602YQR
Samsung WF-M592NMH Samsung WF-M592NMHD
Samsung WF-M602WCC Samsung WF-M602WCC/UA
Samsung WF-M602XQR Samsung WF-M602YQR
Samsung WF-T592NMW Samsung WF-T592NMWD
Samsung WF0500SYV Samsung WF0502SYV/YLP
Samsung WF0592SRK Samsung WF0600NCS6
Samsung WF0600NCW Samsung WF0602NBE/YLP
Samsung WF0602NCE/XET Samsung WF0602NCE/XTC
Samsung WF0602NCE/YLE Samsung WF0602NCW
Samsung WF0602NCW/XEH Samsung WF0602NCW/XTC
Samsung WF0602NCX Samsung WF0602WJC/YLE
Samsung WF0602WJV/XEO Samsung WF0602WJW
Samsung WF0602WKE Samsung WF0602WKE/XEO
Samsung WF0602WKE/YLE Samsung WF0602WKN
Samsung WF0602WKQ Samsung WF0602WKQ/XTL
Samsung WF0602WKQU/XTL Samsung WF0602WKR
Samsung WF0602WKV Samsung WF0602WKW
Samsung WF0692NCS/ Samsung WF0692NCX
Samsung WF1600NHW/XEO Samsung WF1600NHW/YLE
Samsung WF1602NHV/XEO Samsung WF1602NHW
Samsung WF1602NHW/XEO Samsung WF1602NHW/XET
Samsung WF1602NHW/YLE Samsung WF1602NHWG/YLE
Samsung WF1602W5C/XEH Samsung WF1602W5C/YLE
Samsung WF1602W5K Samsung WF1602W5S
Samsung WF1602W5S/XSG Samsung WF1602W5V
Samsung WF1602W5V/XEO Samsung WF1602W5V/XET
Samsung WF1602W5V/XSG Samsung WF1602W5V/XTC
Samsung WF1602WCC Samsung WF1602WCC/XEO
Samsung WF1602WCC/YLE Samsung WF1602WQU
Samsung WF1602WQU/YLE Samsung WF1602WRK
Samsung WF1602XQR Samsung WF1602YQB
Samsung WF1602YQC Samsung WF1602YQQ
Samsung WF1602YQR Samsung WF1602YQY
Samsung WF2552WKV/XTL Samsung WF2602WKV/XTL
Samsung WF600U2BKWQ Samsung WF600W2BCWQ/TC
Samsung WF602B2BHSD/TL Samsung WF602B2BKSD
Samsung WF602B2BKWQ Samsung WF602B2BKWQ/EO
Samsung WF602B2BKWQ/LE Samsung WF602U2BKGD
Samsung WF602U2BKSD Samsung WF602U2BKWQ
Samsung WF602U2BKWQ/TC Samsung WF602W2BKSD
Samsung WF602W2BKWQ Samsung WF60F1R0E2WDLP
Samsung WF60F1R0E2WDUA Samsung WF60F1R0F2WDLD
Samsung WF60F1R0F2WDLP Samsung WF60F1R1E2S
Samsung WF60F1R1E2WDLP Samsung WF60F1R1F2WDLD
Samsung WF60F1R1F2WDLP Samsung WF60F1R1N2W
Samsung WF60F1R1W2W Samsung WF60F1R2E2S
Samsung WF60F1R2E2W Samsung WF60F1R2E2WDLP
Samsung WF60F1R2E2WDUA Samsung WF60F1R2F2WDLD
Samsung WF60F1R2F2WDLP Samsung WF650U2BKWQ/SE
Samsung WF652B2STWQ Samsung WF652U2BHSD/TL
Samsung WF652U2BHWQ/IM Samsung WF652U2BHWQ/TL
Samsung WF652U2SHGX Samsung WF652U2SHSD
Samsung WF652U2SHWQ Samsung WF692U0BKWQ/SV
Samsung WF6CF1R0W2W Samsung WF6MF1R2N2W
Samsung WF6MF1R2W2W Samsung WF8502BEA
Samsung WF8502FER Samsung WF8502FFC
Samsung WF8502NGS Samsung WF8502NGV
Samsung WF8502NGW Samsung WF8502NGY/XEO
Samsung WF8502NHW Samsung WF8502NMW
Samsung WF8502SFV Samsung WF8552SEH/XTL
Samsung WF8552SEHU/XTL Samsung WF8592FEA
Samsung WF8592FEA/YLP Samsung WF8592FEH
Samsung WF8592FER Samsung WF8592FFC
Samsung WF8592FFS/YLP Samsung WF8592FFV
Samsung WF9502NQR/XEO Samsung WF9552NQQ
Samsung WF9552SQR Samsung WF9592GQB
Samsung WF9592GQQ Samsung WF9592GQR
Samsung WF9592SQR Samsung WF9592SRK
Samsung WF9602N5U/XEO Samsung WF9602N5V/XET
Samsung WF9602N5W/YLE Samsung WF9622N5W/YLE
Samsung WW60H2200EW Samsung WW60H2200EWDLP
Samsung WW60H2210EW Samsung WW60H2210EWDLP
Samsung WW60H2220EWDLP Samsung WW60H2230EW
Samsung WW60H2230EWDLP Samsung WW60H5200EW
Samsung WW60H5200EW/TC Samsung WW60H5210ES
Samsung WW60H5210EX Samsung WW60H5240EW
Samsung WW60J3063LW Samsung WW60J3243NWDLP
Samsung WW60J3247JWDLP Samsung WW60J3263LW
Samsung WW60J3263LW/GU Samsung WW60J3263LW/SH
Samsung WW60J3263LWDUA Samsung WW60J3267LW
Samsung WW60J3267LWDUA Samsung WW60J3280HS/CD
Samsung WW60J3280HS/MF Samsung WW60J3280HS/NQ
Samsung WW60J3280LW/LE Samsung WW60J3283LW/CD
Samsung WW60J3283LW/MF Samsung WW60J3283LW/NQ
Samsung WW60J3283LW/SH Samsung WW60J3283LW1EE
Samsung WW60J3283LW1EG Samsung WW60J3283LW1EO
Samsung WW60J3283LW1LE Samsung WW60J42102W
Samsung WW60J42102W/LE Samsung WW60J42102W/ZE
Samsung WW60J42104W Samsung WW60J4210HS
Samsung WW60J4210HSDLD Samsung WW60J4210HW
Samsung WW60J4210HW/EO Samsung WW60J4210HW/LE
Samsung WW60J4210HW/ZE Samsung WW60J4210HWDUA
Samsung WW60J4210JW Samsung WW60J4210JW/LE
Samsung WW60J4210JW/ZE Samsung WW60J4210JWDLD
Samsung WW60J4210LW/LE Samsung WW60J4210LW/ZE
Samsung WW60J42132W/EO Samsung WW60J4213JW
Samsung WW60J4213JW/SH Samsung WW60J4213JWDUA
Samsung WW60J4213LW/EO Samsung WW60J4243HW
Samsung WW60J4243NWDLP Samsung WW60J4247JWDLP
Samsung WW60J42602W Samsung WW60J4260HS
Samsung WW60J4260HS/MF Samsung WW60J4260HS/NQ
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Samsung WW60J4260JW/ZE Samsung WW60J4260JWDLP
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Samsung WW60J4263LW Samsung WW60J4263NW
Samsung WW60J5210HS Samsung WW60J5210HSDLD
Samsung WW60J5210JW Samsung WW60J5210JWDLD
Samsung WW60J5213HSDLP Samsung WW60J5213HW
Samsung WW60J5213JW Samsung WW60J5213JW/ET
Samsung WW60J5213JW/LE Samsung WW60J5213LWDLP
Samsung WW60J5217JW Samsung WW60J5217JWDUA
Samsung WW60J5280HS/SC Samsung WW60J5283JW/SC
Samsung WW60J6210DS Samsung WW60J6210DS/SC
Samsung WW60J6210DW Samsung WW60J6210DW/SC
Samsung WW60J6210DX/SC Samsung WW60J6210FW
Samsung WW60K42101W Samsung WW60K42106W
Samsung WW60K42108W Samsung WW60K42109S
Samsung WW60K42109W Samsung WW60K42138W
Samsung WW60K52109W Samsung WW60M226K0S
Samsung WW65H5200EW/SE Samsung WW65J3283LW/SE
Samsung WW65J42E02W Samsung WW65J42E04W
Samsung WW65J42E0HS Samsung WW65J42E0HW
Samsung WW65J42E0JW Samsung WW65K42E00S
Samsung WW65K42E00W Samsung WW65K42E08W
Samsung WW65K42E09S Samsung WW65K42E09W
Samsung WW65K52E69S Samsung WW65K52E69W
Samsung WW65M224K0S Samsung WW65M224K0W
Samsung WW65M224K0X Samsung WW65M226L0A
Samsung WW6EJ42604W Samsung WW6MJ42602W
Samsung WW6MJ4260HS Samsung WW70J3240JW
Samsung WW70J3240LWDLP Samsung WW70J3240NSDLP
Samsung WW70J4210HWDLD Samsung WW70J4210HWDLP
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Samsung WW70J52E0HS Samsung WW70J52E0HW
Samsung WW70J52E0JW Samsung WW70J6210DS
Samsung WW70J6210DW Samsung WW70J6210FW
Samsung WW7EJ42104W Samsung WW7MJ42102W
Samsung WW7MJ4210HS
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