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Stern Craft JSV-650P jigsaw gear d40*8 t46

Stern Craft JSV-650P jigsaw gear d40*8 t46

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Eccentric gear for replace in jigsaw Topex Graphite 58G071, Practyl GX-JS005A, Energomash LB-40610M, Odwerk, Kinzo 25C28, Powertec, Meister Craft, MASTERCRAFT MPS 500E, Stern, Ferm GS-65, Craft JSV-650P with a diameter of 40 mm, 46 teeth, diameters 9 (seat) and 12 (extension) mm, eccentric - 20 mm, total height with pin 25 mm, pin size d5*h5.5 mm, tooth width 7 mm. The inclination of the tooth cannot be confused with 26228

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