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Rowenta, Philips, Samsung, Tefal Vacuum cleaner motor VAC071UN SKL h117 d120 1600W

Rowenta, Philips, Samsung, Tefal Vacuum cleaner motor VAC071UN SKL h117 d120 1600W

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Vacuum cleaner air turbine electric motor VAC071UN SKL (LPA HWX-CG58) 1600W with ledge with total height 117, diameter of the diffuser lower part is 120 mm. Replacement for Philips 432200900691, Philips 432200909430, Philips 432200697931, Philips 432200697940, Rowenta RS-RT3530 / 732830, Rowenta RS-RT2903, Samsung DJ31-00135A, Samsung DJ31-00145B, Samsung VCM-M20ZUDA-HO, Samsung DJ94-00255M. Compatible with any cleaner Rowenta, Philips, Samsung, Tefal or equipment with same motor dimensions

Compatibility list

Philips FC8620/01 Philips FC8620/02 Philips FC8620/03 Philips FC8915/01 Philips FC8915/02 Philips FC8915/03 Philips FC9060/01 Philips FC9060/02 Philips FC9061/01 Philips FC9062/01 Philips FC9062/02 Philips FC9062/03 Philips FC9062/04 Philips FC9064/01 Philips FC9064/02 Philips FC9066/01 Philips FC9066/02 Philips FC9066/03 Philips FC9066/04 Philips FC9067/01 Philips FC9067/02 Philips FC9070/01 Philips FC9071/01 Philips FC9071/02 Philips FC9071/03 Philips FC9071/08 Philips FC9073/01 Philips FC9074/01 Philips FC9076/01 Philips FC9076/02 Philips FC9078/01 Philips FC9080/01 Philips FC9081/01 Philips FC9082/01 Philips FC9082/02 Philips FC9083/01 Philips FC9084/01 Philips FC9085/01 Philips FC9086/01 Philips FC9150/01 Philips FC9150/02 Philips FC9150/61 Philips FC9152/01 Philips FC9154/01 Philips FC9154/03 Philips FC9160/01 Philips FC9160/02 Philips FC9161/01 Philips FC9161/02 Philips FC9162/01 Philips FC9162/02 Philips FC9164/01 Philips FC9165/01 Philips FC9165/02 Philips FC9166/01 Philips FC9170/01 Philips FC9170/02 Philips FC9170/03 Philips FC9170/07 Philips FC9170/08 Philips FC9170/67 Philips FC9171/01 Philips FC9171/02 Philips FC9172/01 Philips FC9172/02 Philips FC9172/03 Philips FC9172/67 Philips FC9173/01 Philips FC9174/01 Philips FC9174/02 Philips FC9174/08 Philips FC9175/01 Philips FC9175/02 Philips FC9175/03 Philips FC9176/01 Philips FC9176/08 Philips FC9177/01 Philips FC9180/01 Philips FC9180/72 Philips FC9182/01 Philips FC9184/01 Philips FC9184/02 Philips FC9184/11 Philips FC9185/01 Philips FC9186/01 Philips FC9187/01 Philips FC9188/01 Philips FC9190/01 Philips FC9192/01 Philips FC9192/11 Philips FC9192/61 Philips FC9193/01 Philips FC9194/01 Philips FC9194/11 Philips FC9200/01 Philips FC9200/03 Philips FC9200/11 Philips FC9202/01 Philips FC9202/02 Philips FC9202/03 Philips FC9204/01 Philips FC9204/02 Philips FC9205/01 Philips FC9206/01 Philips FC9206/02 Philips FC9206/03 Philips FC9206/04 Philips FC9208/01 Philips FC9208/02 Philips FC9209/01 Philips FC9210/01 Philips FC9212/01 Philips FC9214/01 Philips FC9216/01 Philips FC9216/04 Philips FC9218/01 Philips FC9218/02 Philips FC9218/03 Philips FC9222/01 Philips FC9222/02 Philips FC9225/01 Philips FC9226/01 Philips FC9226/02 Philips FC9228/01 Philips FC9229/01 Philips FC9232/01 Philips FC9236/01 Philips FC9236/02 Philips FC9236/03 Philips FC9238/01 Philips FC9239/01 Philips FC9252/01 Philips FC9254/01 Philips FC9254/02 Philips FC9256/01 Philips FC9261/01 Philips FC9262/01 Philips FC9264/01 Philips FC9264/02 Philips FC9266/01 Philips FC9911/01 Philips FC9911/81 Philips FC9912/01 Philips FC9912/81 Rowenta RO442111/410 Rowenta RO4421GA/410 Rowenta RO4421IA/410 Rowenta RO4421R1/410 Rowenta RO442701/410 Rowenta RO442701/411 Rowenta RO442711/410 Rowenta RO442721/410 Rowenta RO442721/411 Rowenta RO4427GA/411 Rowenta RO4427R1/410 Rowenta RO442902/410 Rowenta RO4441FA/411 Rowenta RO444901/410 Rowenta RO444911/410 Rowenta RO444911/411 Rowenta RO444921/411 Rowenta RO4449IA/410 Rowenta RO4449R1/410 Rowenta RO4449R1/411 Rowenta RO462311/410 Rowenta RO462701/411 Rowenta RO462711/410 Rowenta RO462711/411 Rowenta RO4627GA/411 Rowenta RO4627R1/410 Rowenta RO462901/411 Rowenta RO462911/410 Rowenta RO462911/411 Rowenta RO464501/411 Rowenta RO464583/410 Rowenta RO4649R1/410 Rowenta RO4721FA/411 Rowenta RO4721FB/410 Rowenta RO472301/411 Rowenta RO472311/411 Rowenta RO4725FA/410 Rowenta RO4733FA/411 Rowenta RO562901/410 Rowenta RO562911/410 Rowenta RO5629GA/410 Rowenta RO5629R1/410 Rowenta RO563501/410 Rowenta RO563511/410 Rowenta RO564511/410 Rowenta RO56454A/410 Rowenta RO565111/410 Rowenta RO566101/410 Rowenta RO566111/410 Rowenta RO573701/410 Rowenta RO573711/410 Rowenta RO582011/410 Rowenta RO582011/411 Rowenta RO582111/410 Rowenta RO582111/411 Rowenta RO582201/410 Rowenta RO582201/411 Rowenta RO582211/410 Rowenta RO582211/411 Rowenta RO5822GA/410 Rowenta RO582301/410 Rowenta RO582301/411 Rowenta RO582311/410 Rowenta RO582311/411 Rowenta RO58234A/410 Rowenta RO582501/410 Rowenta RO582501/411 Rowenta RO582511/410 Rowenta RO582511/411 Rowenta RO5825GA/410 Rowenta RO5825R1/410 Rowenta RO583211/410 Rowenta RO583301/410 Rowenta RO583301/411 Rowenta RO583311/410 Rowenta RO591301/410 Rowenta RO591311/410 Rowenta RO5913GA/410 Rowenta RO812301/410 Rowenta RO812311/410 Rowenta RO8123GA/410 Rowenta RO813911/410 Rowenta RO8139R1/410 Rowenta RO815401/410 Rowenta RO815411/410 Rowenta RO815483/410 Rowenta RO822101/410 Rowenta RO822111/410 Rowenta RO823101/410 Rowenta RO823111/410 Rowenta RO824911/410 Rowenta RO825901/410 Rowenta RO826411/410 Samsung SC18F50HD Samsung SC18F50VA Samsung SC18F70HC Samsung SC20F70HA Samsung SC20F70HB Samsung SC20F70HC Samsung SC20F70HD Samsung SC20F70UG Samsung SC21F50HD Samsung SC21F50UG Samsung SC21F50VA Samsung SC21F60JD Samsung SC21F60JH Samsung SC21F60JK Samsung SC21F60WA Samsung SC21F60WJ Samsung SC21F60YG Samsung SC21K5130VB Samsung SC21K5150HP Samsung SC21K5170HG Samsung VC20F70HC Samsung VC21F50VNAR/SP Tefal TW583388/410 Tefal TW5853HO/410 Rowenta RO 210 (аналог)

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