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Water magnetic filter d20 L130

Water magnetic filter d20 L130

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Magnetic transducer ANTISKIPI is designed to treat water with a constant magnetic field to prevent the formation and elimination of scale already deposited on the walls of pipelines and heat exchange elements.
The essence of the method is that when water crosses magnetic lines of force, cations of hardness salts are released not on the heating surface, but in the mass of water. The method is effective in the treatment of waters of the calcium-carbonate class, which make up about 80% of the waters of all water bodies of our country and cover about 85% of its territory.
Reducing the formation of scale and other salt deposits remains the most widespread field of application for magnetic processing.
Compared to traditional water softening, magnetic treatment is simpler, safer and more economical. Magnetically treated water does not acquire any side properties harmful to human health and does not change the salt composition, while maintaining the taste of drinking water.

To connect, you need to remove the cassette with magnets, turn them to each other in reverse polarity and insert into place


  • Max inlet pressure (bar): 10
  • Max inlet temperature (deg): 94
  • Min inlet pressure (bar): 1
  • Min inlet temperature (deg): 2
  • Height (mm): 168
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Depth (mm): 37
  • Source water: cold
  • Connection size (inches) 3/4
  • Flow System Filtration Rate (L / min-Gallon / min): 60 / 15.9
  • Filter type: magnetic filter
  • Number of steps: 1
  • Width (mm): 37
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