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Wintech, Oleo-Mac, IKRA Mogatec electric chainsaw oil pump

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Electric saw chain lubrication oil plunger pump with metal gear 7.5 mm high fits to the Expert Garden A YT4795, Patriot Garden, Clover 2200W, Titanium, Gardena CST 3518, 3519-X, Wintech WCS-2500N, IKRA Mogatec EKSN 2200- 40 WK, Oleo-Mac 2000E, Sparky Tv 1835, Skil 0780 RA (F0150780RA), Craft-Tec EKS-1500, -2200, Intertool 2kW with a side motor, gear with 20 teeth and diameter 11 mm, total length 38 mm