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Miele W 2652 WPS washing machine stainless steel drum spider 04264766

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High-strength drum support spider (04264766) compatible with Miele WMV 960 WPS-GB, W 1926, W 2839 i WPM, W 2652 WPS, W3033, W 3253 type HW09-2, Miele Touchtronic W 1213, W 1215, W1613, W 2123, W 2104 5kg, Softtronic W 3241, Miele Meteor 3065 WPS washing machine. Made in the custom factory from solid stainless steel for the durable work purpose


Outer bearing diameter 29 mm
Inner bearing diameter 30 mm
Oil seal seating ring diameter 35 mm
Pulley mounting type bolt М8
Shaft length 126 mm
Distance between the center of the shaft and the attachment to the drum 205 mm
Shaft diameter 30 mm (6206)
Outer bearing fit diameter 25 mm (6205)
Material stainless steel
Pulley seat slot 23 mm 34 teeth
Distance from sleeve to outer bearing 74 mm
Distance from the seat of the outer bearing to the end of the shaft 34 mm
Sleeve height 18 mm
Please check the dimensions match before ordering!